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  1. Photo of Miguel Gonçalves Mendes

    Miguel Gonçalves Mendes Director

  2. Photo of Ana Jordão

    Ana Jordão Producer

  3. Photo of Daniela Siragusa

    Daniela Siragusa Producer

  4. Photo of Abel Ribeiro Chaves

    Abel Ribeiro Chaves Producer

  5. Photo of Daniel Neves

    Daniel Neves Cinematography

  6. Photo of José Saramago

    José Saramago Cast

  7. Photo of Pilar del Rio

    Pilar del Rio Cast

  8. Photo of Cláudia Rita Oliveira

    Cláudia Rita Oliveira Editing

  9. Photo of Adriana Calcanhotto

    Adriana Calcanhotto Music

  10. Photo of Bruno Palazzo

    Bruno Palazzo Music

  11. Photo of Camané

    Camané Music

  12. Photo of Luís Cilia

    Luís Cilia Music

  13. Photo of Noiserv

    Noiserv Music

  14. Photo of Pedro Gonçalves

    Pedro Gonçalves Music

  15. Photo of Pedro Granato

    Pedro Granato Music

  16. Photo of Bárbara Álvarez

    Bárbara Álvarez Sound

  17. Photo of Hugo Alves

    Hugo Alves Sound

  18. Photo of Olivier Blanc

    Olivier Blanc Sound

  19. Photo of Adriana Bolito

    Adriana Bolito Sound