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  1. richardlawrn's rating of the film Joshua

    (contains spoilers) at first I was thinking daddy issues. let's get rid of mom, nan and sis and ask daddy to sleep in my bed. but then you see, this little ugly kid didn't spare his father and then there's the uncle... bitch take care! anyway, I just think the ending was too rushed, I was expecting more confrontation. but still amazing!

  2. Absentia's rating of the film Joshua

  3. Igor Leoni's rating of the film Joshua

    Not very original, I felt like I was watching a 'Bad Seed' remake most of the time. Good actors tho.

  4. girlsonvhs's rating of the film Joshua

    "Don't you know to never beat up your kid in public on the weekend?"

  5. Marcus Killerby's rating of the film Joshua

    Joshua is a really good, complex movie that doesn't quite work. It seems to me that critics responded so poorly to it because it presents the title character as evil for his association with god, not the devil. Satan's little Damian, this child is not. Some of the allusions to this are more obvious then others. One rather nice touch though is that after reading the old testament, the book of Joshua to be specific...

  6. Didar Merve's rating of the film Joshua

    Oh Vera is doing this kind of semi nut mother caused her own son/daughter pretty good and Joshua is the beginning. By the way, "We Need to Talk About Joshua."

  7. Vernie Del Mundo's rating of the film Joshua

  8. Sam Flemming's rating of the film Joshua

    It had my interest, then it lost my interest.

  9. Willy Aditya's rating of the film Joshua

    Highly effective psychological thriller. Great performances, clever atmospherics with so many references, from The Omen to Rosemary's Baby and The Shining.

  10. CCLZA's rating of the film Joshua

    I might be wrong, but I saw it as a fascinating take on postpartum depression. The eery atmosphere and excellent performances enhance it.