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  1. Photo of Jacques Saurel

    Jacques Saurel Director

  2. Photo of Jean-Pierre Imbrohoris

    Jean-Pierre Imbrohoris Screenplay

  3. Photo of Joy Laurey

    Joy Laurey Screenplay

  4. Photo of Emma Geher

    Emma Geher Screenplay

  5. Photo of Benjamin Simon

    Benjamin Simon Producer

  6. Photo of Dominique Brabant

    Dominique Brabant Cinematography

  7. Photo of François Valéry

    François Valéry Music

  8. Photo of Elisabeth Servouze

    Elisabeth Servouze Editing

  9. Photo of Santiago Thévenet

    Santiago Thévenet Editing

  10. Photo of Eva Zora

    Eva Zora Editing

  11. Photo of Brigitte Lahaie

    Brigitte Lahaie Cast

  12. Photo of Isabelle Solar

    Isabelle Solar Cast

  13. Photo of Pierre Londiche

    Pierre Londiche Cast

  14. Photo of Jean-Marc Maurel

    Jean-Marc Maurel Cast

  15. Photo of Jacques Bryland

    Jacques Bryland Cast

  16. Photo of Ian Patrick

    Ian Patrick Cast