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  1. Photo of Christian Davies

    Christian Davies Director

  2. Photo of New Order

    New Order Self and Music

  3. Photo of Can

    Can Self

  4. Photo of Peter Hook

    Peter Hook Self

  5. Photo of Bernard Sumner

    Bernard Sumner Self

  6. Photo of Ian Curtis

    Ian Curtis Self

  7. Photo of The Clash

    The Clash Self

  8. Photo of The Doors

    The Doors Self

  9. Photo of Gillian Gilbert

    Gillian Gilbert Self

  10. Photo of Pat Gilbert

    Pat Gilbert Self

  11. Photo of Barney Hoskyns

    Barney Hoskyns Self

  12. Photo of Joy Division

    Joy Division Self

  13. Photo of John Lydon

    John Lydon Self

  14. Photo of Frank Sinatra

    Frank Sinatra Self

  15. Photo of Tony Wilson

    Tony Wilson Self

  16. Photo of Sid Vicious

    Sid Vicious Self

  17. Photo of Shirley Henderson

    Shirley Henderson Self

  18. Photo of David Stubbs

    David Stubbs Self

  19. Photo of Siouxsie and the Banshees

    Siouxsie and the Banshees Self

  20. Photo of Sex Pistols

    Sex Pistols Self

  21. Photo of Rob Johnstone

    Rob Johnstone Executive Producer

  22. Photo of Andy Cleland

    Andy Cleland Executive Producer

  23. Photo of Elliot Riddle

    Elliot Riddle Editing

  24. Photo of David Flackman

    David Flackman Sound