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  1. Photo of Mark Amin

    Mark Amin Producer

  2. Photo of Justin Kelly

    Justin Kelly Screenplay and Director

  3. Photo of Thor Bradwell

    Thor Bradwell Producer

  4. Photo of Kristen Stewart

    Kristen Stewart Cast

  5. Photo of Laura Dern

    Laura Dern Cast

  6. Photo of Diane Kruger

    Diane Kruger Cast

  7. Photo of Jim Sturgess

    Jim Sturgess Cast

  8. Photo of Courtney Love

    Courtney Love Cast

  9. Photo of Kelvin Harrison Jr.

    Kelvin Harrison Jr. Cast

  10. Photo of James Jagger

    James Jagger Cast

  11. Photo of David Lawrence Brown

    David Lawrence Brown Cast

  12. Photo of Tim Kvasnosky

    Tim Kvasnosky Music

  13. Photo of Bobby Bukowski

    Bobby Bukowski Cinematography

  14. Photo of Aaron I. Butler

    Aaron I. Butler Editing

  15. Photo of Jean-Andre Carriere

    Jean-Andre Carriere Production Design