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  1. Eric Eidelstein's rating of the film Jubilee

    Sorta like a punk rock version of Orlando. Not my favorite Jarman, but Adam Ant (of Adam and the Ants) was hot.

  2. Rūdolfs R. Vītoliņš's rating of the film Jubilee

  3. runfromfire's rating of the film Jubilee

    Skirts the edges of overindulgence and the political statements are a little dated but it's a fun little snapshot of late 70s post-punk inspiration. Plus, you know - Adam Ant.

  4. José Neves's rating of the film Jubilee

    Jarman's politic importance in 70/80s surpassed, by far, his dimension as a filmmaker, being mostly the strength of his iconoclastic resistance against the hideous Tatcher what most characterized him. I prefer him as a writer while his cinematographic acts seem dated to me, when before seemed poorly structured and/or too constructed on a stereotypical perspective. This film is a mere archaeological piece.

  5. Kimberly Lee's rating of the film Jubilee

    i gave this a low rating but gdi i have a giant soft spot for this ridiculous mess

  6. Alexander Dunkelberger's rating of the film Jubilee

    A very amateurish dystopian time travel philosophical punk film centering around the queen of England and dangerous and violent girl gangs in a dilapidated London. Interesting but ultimately too scrappy to be of much worth. There is some cool stuff, particularly the stuff with the queen, her subjects, and the weird black fingernailed guy who teleports them to the degradation of their empires future.

  7. marco's rating of the film Jubilee

  8. alcools's rating of the film Jubilee

    A dystopian England in the 70's. Great actors. Adam Ant looks so good. ''Leave him alone, he's better than a vibrator.'', ''As long as the music's loud enough, we won't hear the world falling apart.'', ''It's party time, let's liberate the zoo.'' The Slits <3 I didn't like the Hindley reference. That's not something you should joke about. It's in bad taste even for a film like this one.

  9. Dorabella's rating of the film Jubilee

    Another really great movie thats an overview of the punk scene but this time in England. Must watch for any punk rocker.

  10. nightly_disease's rating of the film Jubilee

  11. IV NEVER BEEN TO A RODEO's rating of the film Jubilee

  12. EdieEmm's rating of the film Jubilee

    Abrasive, brash, chaotic, confrontational, unrestrained, garish and glorious - the zeitgeist of the Winter of Discontent era inchoate British punk scene. Complete with questionable politics, silly immaturity, and all sorts of tedious posturing. Can't say I much liked it, but I like that I've seen it, and the who's who casting made it fun. 2.5

  13. Stefan Drees's rating of the film Jubilee

    Although nearly fourty years old this movie didn't lose its provocative impact. It may seem a little bit amateurish in some aspects but this characteristic reinforces - after the discovery of trash as important part of culture - the actual effect. There are many strong sequences, especially when Jarman uses or choreographs music (e.g. the "Rule Britania" parody).

  14. Lizzie Cooper's rating of the film Jubilee

    Derek Jarman is a god. What a gift this film is. Enjoyed very much. Thanks for putting it up.

  15. klofter's rating of the film Jubilee

    A film very much of its time. I'm of two minds here. On the one hand it's easy to dismiss this as rebellious nonsense and take the no-budget visuals as a sign that Jarman didn't know what he was doing. One the other hand there are really fun and/or thought-provoking scenes here. I would even argue that the media critique is just as relevant in 2015. In any event, I'm glad I got to see this one.

  16. paul oram's rating of the film Jubilee

    Anarchy in the UK! the reality turned out somewhat harsher. Enter Maggie Thatcher.

  17. Mehmet Ali Karar's rating of the film Jubilee

    britanya gençliğinin dadaist tavırları ve tabiki punk yaşamının öfkesi. zaman döngüsü içinde bir bunalım. bazı sahneler fazlasıyla abartılmış.

  18. Melisa Korkmaz's rating of the film Jubilee

    a sharp critique of political and religious corruption

  19.'s rating of the film Jubilee

    A self-made film for its zeitgeist, I'm glad to have had the opportunity to see it.

  20. Alberto Redighieri's rating of the film Jubilee

    Really a masterpiece. I found often all: drama, documentary, comedy, fantasy, musical, grotesque, politics in a unique movie.

  21. Kaspar Tjeldflaat Steudel's rating of the film Jubilee

  22. Pymo's rating of the film Jubilee

    Write on the walls who you really are!

  23. Gökhan Gök's rating of the film Jubilee

    Sistemin tüm ahlaki ve sosyal politikalarına futursuzca yapılan bir saldırı Jübilee, yapıbozumcu olduğu kadar Sokak-Punk ve Anarşizm üçgenini de sıradışı bir görsellikle ele alıyor.

  24. Coheed 2.5's rating of the film Jubilee

    The politics may have dated, but that's what happens when punk died but the world around it didn't die with it. Jubilee is still a heady brew that frustrates but is successful in its abrasiveness. Thankfully Greg Araki and The Doom Generation covered the nineties in the same mindset as this and covered the gap after punk vanished.

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