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  1. Photo of Veit Harlan

    Veit Harlan Director and Screenplay

  2. Photo of Ludwig Metzger

    Ludwig Metzger Screenplay

  3. Photo of Eberhard Wolfgang Möller

    Eberhard Wolfgang Möller Screenplay

  4. Photo of Wilhelm Hauff

    Wilhelm Hauff Screenplay

  5. Photo of Ferdinand Marian

    Ferdinand Marian Cast

  6. Photo of Werner Krauss

    Werner Krauss Cast

  7. Photo of Heinrich George

    Heinrich George Cast

  8. Photo of Kristina Söderbaum

    Kristina Söderbaum Cast

  9. Photo of Eugen Klöpfer

    Eugen Klöpfer Cast

  10. Photo of Hilde von Stolz

    Hilde von Stolz Cast

  11. Photo of Malte Jäger

    Malte Jäger Cast

  12. Photo of Albert Florath

    Albert Florath Cast

  13. Photo of Theodor Loos

    Theodor Loos Cast

  14. Photo of Walter Werner

    Walter Werner Cast

  15. Photo of Charlotte Schultz

    Charlotte Schultz Cast

  16. Photo of Anny Seitz

    Anny Seitz Cast

  17. Photo of Erna Morena

    Erna Morena Cast

  18. Photo of Jakob Tiedtke

    Jakob Tiedtke Cast

  19. Photo of Else Elster

    Else Elster Cast

  20. Photo of Emil Heß

    Emil Heß Cast

  21. Photo of Ursula Deinert

    Ursula Deinert Cast

  22. Photo of Erich Dunskus

    Erich Dunskus Cast

  23. Photo of Heinrich Schroth

    Heinrich Schroth Cast

  24. Photo of Bernhard Goetzke

    Bernhard Goetzke Cast

  25. Photo of Horst Lommer

    Horst Lommer Cast

  26. Photo of Wolfgang Staudte

    Wolfgang Staudte Cast

  27. Photo of Eduard Wenck

    Eduard Wenck Cast

  28. Photo of Ilse Buhl

    Ilse Buhl Cast

  29. Photo of Käthe Jöken-König

    Käthe Jöken-König Cast

  30. Photo of Otto F. Henning

    Otto F. Henning Cast

  31. Photo of Hannelore Benzinger

    Hannelore Benzinger Cast

  32. Photo of Ingeborg Albert

    Ingeborg Albert Cast

  33. Photo of Annette Bach

    Annette Bach Cast

  34. Photo of Irmgard Voelker

    Irmgard Voelker Cast

  35. Photo of Valy Arnheim

    Valy Arnheim Cast

  36. Photo of Bruno Mondi

    Bruno Mondi Cinematography

  37. Photo of Wolfgang Zeller

    Wolfgang Zeller Music

  38. Photo of Otto Hunte

    Otto Hunte Production Design

  39. Photo of Karl Vollbrecht

    Karl Vollbrecht Production Design

  40. Photo of Otto Lehmann

    Otto Lehmann Producer

  41. Photo of Friedrich Karl von Puttkamer

    Friedrich Karl von Puttkamer Editing

  42. Photo of Wolfgang Schleif

    Wolfgang Schleif Editing