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  1. Photo of Olaf Encke

    Olaf Encke Director, Screenplay Animation

  2. Photo of Tilman Ritter

    Tilman Ritter Music

  3. Photo of P. Paul Fenech

    P. Paul Fenech Music

  4. Photo of The Meteors

    The Meteors Music

  5. Photo of Crazy Cavan

    Crazy Cavan Music

  6. Photo of Moe Jaksch

    Moe Jaksch Music

  7. Photo of Käte Casper

    Käte Casper Producer

  8. Photo of Ulrich Caspar

    Ulrich Caspar Producer

  9. Photo of Fabian Gasmia

    Fabian Gasmia Executive Producer

  10. Photo of Moritz Hoffmeister

    Moritz Hoffmeister Sound and Editing

  11. Photo of Christoph Oertel

    Christoph Oertel Sound

  12. Photo of Claudia Romero

    Claudia Romero Animation, Screenplay Director

  13. Photo of Maurice Croissier

    Maurice Croissier Animation

  14. Photo of Ulf Grenzer

    Ulf Grenzer Animation

  15. Photo of Florian Fiebig

    Florian Fiebig Animation

  16. Photo of Markus Wende

    Markus Wende Animation

  17. Photo of Ina Marcinczik

    Ina Marcinczik Animation

  18. Photo of Maike Ramke

    Maike Ramke Animation

  19. Photo of Matthias Thieme

    Matthias Thieme Animation

  20. Photo of Malik Bruun

    Malik Bruun Animation

  21. Photo of Franziska Poike

    Franziska Poike Animation

  22. Photo of Milen Vitanov

    Milen Vitanov Animation

  23. Photo of Jan Utecht

    Jan Utecht Animation