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Ratings & Reviews

  1. Rosina Rossini's rating of the film Jude

    Really fine acting from the whole cast. I haven't read the novel, so I can only judge the film on its own merits, and I thought it was an excellent critique of religious dogma in the vein of "December Bride (1991)". It wasn't a straightforward black and white view, but rather a complex tale that dealt with complex questions and emotions.

  2. Marinos Koutsomichalis's rating of the film Jude

    While trying to transcend his working class background, Jude discovers love, social prejudice, injustice and the flip-side of an era that has been well idealised in other movies. Overall this is a nice feature film based on a novel by Thomas Hardy, my only objection the exaggerated drama towards its end - didn't really worked for me. Not bad tho.

  3. sandracine's rating of the film Jude

    Very well acted and the content was solid per se. However, as difficult as it would be to incorporate all facets of Hardy's book, it may leave you perplexed because of the lack of context. Anti-depressants are required after reading Hardy or viewing anything based on his work. Even the sex is joyless.

  4. Christopher's rating of the film Jude

    Kate Winslet is glowingly beautiful in this

  5. Lorna Singh's rating of the film Jude

    Must have been a daunting task to adapt Hardy's dense novel into 2 hours.Explains why the themes of religion and conforming to society were not explored as much.But the script did focus on this unorthodox relationship. Some good performances,especially from Christopher Eccleston ( brilliant in 'Let Him Have It' )

  6. Neither/Nor's rating of the film Jude

  7. Nikolas's rating of the film Jude

    Oh my God, truly truly devestating.