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  1. Photo of Henry Edwards

    Henry Edwards Director

  2. Photo of Cyril Campion

    Cyril Campion Screenplay

  3. Photo of H. Fowler Mear

    H. Fowler Mear Screenplay

  4. Photo of Heinrich Fraenkel

    Heinrich Fraenkel Screenplay

  5. Photo of Alice Campbell

    Alice Campbell Novel

  6. Photo of Edward L. Alperson

    Edward L. Alperson Executive Producer

  7. Photo of Julius Hagen

    Julius Hagen Producer

  8. Photo of W.L. Trytel

    W.L. Trytel Music

  9. Photo of Sydney Blythe

    Sydney Blythe Cinematography

  10. Photo of William Luff

    William Luff Cinematography

  11. Photo of Michael C. Chorlton

    Michael C. Chorlton Editing

  12. Photo of Baynham Honri

    Baynham Honri Sound

  13. Photo of Boris Karloff

    Boris Karloff Cast

  14. Photo of Joan Wyndham

    Joan Wyndham Cast

  15. Photo of Arthur Margetson

    Arthur Margetson Cast

  16. Photo of Mona Goya

    Mona Goya Cast

  17. Photo of Anthony Ireland

    Anthony Ireland Cast

  18. Photo of Morton Selten

    Morton Selten Cast

  19. Photo of Nina Boucicault

    Nina Boucicault Cast

  20. Photo of Gibb McLaughlin

    Gibb McLaughlin Cast

  21. Photo of J.H. Roberts

    J.H. Roberts Cast

  22. Photo of Victor Rietti

    Victor Rietti Cast