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  1. Photo of Richard Lester

    Richard Lester Director

  2. Photo of Alan Plater

    Alan Plater Screenplay

  3. Photo of Richard Harris

    Richard Harris Cast

  4. Photo of Omar Sharif

    Omar Sharif Cast

  5. Photo of David Hemmings

    David Hemmings Cast

  6. Photo of Anthony Hopkins

    Anthony Hopkins Cast

  7. Photo of Shirley Knight

    Shirley Knight Cast

  8. Photo of Ian Holm

    Ian Holm Cast

  9. Photo of Clifton James

    Clifton James Cast

  10. Photo of Roy Kinnear

    Roy Kinnear Cast

  11. Photo of Caroline Mortimer

    Caroline Mortimer Cast

  12. Photo of Gerry Fisher

    Gerry Fisher Cinematography

  13. Photo of Ken Thorne

    Ken Thorne Music

  14. Photo of Terence Marsh

    Terence Marsh Production Design

  15. Photo of Denis O'Dell

    Denis O'Dell Producer

  16. Photo of Richard Alan Simmons

    Richard Alan Simmons Producer and Screenplay

  17. Photo of David V. Picker

    David V. Picker Executive Producer

  18. Photo of Antony Gibbs

    Antony Gibbs Editing

  19. Photo of Gerry Humphreys

    Gerry Humphreys Sound

  20. Photo of Simon Kaye

    Simon Kaye Sound

  21. Photo of Evangeline Harrison

    Evangeline Harrison Costume Design