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  1. Photo of Michaël le Meur

    Michaël le Meur Editing

  2. Photo of Nicolas Schmerkin

    Nicolas Schmerkin Producer

  3. Photo of Lucas Morandi

    Lucas Morandi Animation

  4. Photo of Pierre Lippens

    Pierre Lippens Animation

  5. Photo of Gabrielle Lissot

    Gabrielle Lissot Animation, Director, Editing Screenplay

  6. Photo of Cyril Costa

    Cyril Costa Animation

  7. Photo of Damien Climent

    Damien Climent Animation

  8. Photo of Guillaume Marcel

    Guillaume Marcel Costume Design

  9. Photo of Fred Avril

    Fred Avril Music

  10. Photo of Bruno Seznec

    Bruno Seznec Sound

  11. Photo of Etienne Geremia

    Etienne Geremia Sound

  12. Photo of Baptiste Boucher

    Baptiste Boucher Sound

  13. Photo of Morgan Dufour

    Morgan Dufour Sound

  14. Photo of Eric Grattenpain

    Eric Grattenpain Sound