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  1. Poena Damni's rating of the film Jules and Jim

    What a silly, irritating film! I got furious watching this I could only say fuck! 'a cat's flux'! 'An excerement from begining to end'! And it's supposed to be witty, humourous, 'deep', and classy at the same time - what a piece of trash! This stupid fascination about everything that is 'French' is nauseating.

  2. Feellikeanumber's rating of the film Jules and Jim

  3. Miguel Plante's rating of the film Jules and Jim

    Un autre classique que je n'avais pas encore vu: Jules et Jim se veut une ode à l'amour, une des premières démonstrations au cinéma d'un triangle amoureux pas malsain du tout. Une nouvelle conception du couple audacieuse pour son époque, mais livrée avec sensibilité et finesse par Truffaut, et surtout par les acteurs. Pas étonnant que Jeanne Moreau ait été adulée après son travail sur cette oeuvre.

  4. Renton47's rating of the film Jules and Jim

    I can't stand films where people laugh at things that aren't funny. I guess you'd call it whimsy. Like a bell curve, at their point of bliss I'm close to loving this. Then there's the first and last 20 minutes. Catherine offers a powerful mechanism for the current climate in her denouncement of men enabling the bad behaviour. Moreau's sadness cuts through everything charming.

  5. jewelsofglory's rating of the film Jules and Jim

    Completely moving and poignant. Wonderful score and sublime editing. It’s comparable to Band of Outsiders yet with more humility. Truffaut always seems to be considered secondary compared to Godard yet I think this film outshines anything of what Godard could produce during the era. Perhaps I am more lenient to this film because of its passion.

  6. Elena's rating of the film Jules and Jim

  7. Utlaningaar's rating of the film Jules and Jim

    I tried so hard, but I simply Couldn't.

  8. EdieEmm's rating of the film Jules and Jim

    The camera & editing work precisely the way form works in a poem. Like Spirit. The pacing, the gunfire narration, relentless as time (and yet the film inhabits my memory as: 3 butterflies coasting, tumbling…) The stylized score, extras elbowing through foreground, mark it as 'Story'; keep it safe from our psychologies. Leaves me awed like the fresco scene in Fellini’s Roma: A breathtaking ache. Utterly a love story.

  9. Jdsarmientoburgos's rating of the film Jules and Jim

    God-tier Truffaut in a love triangle between two best friends and their chaotic Catherine, set in Paris before and after WWI. French New-Wave at its most explorative and playful, where much of its style is implemented and adds something to the story/characters. A truly charming, gleeful and impossible love story for the ages.

  10. Alexander Dunkelberger's rating of the film Jules and Jim

    I first saw this when I was far too young to appreciate, which as also around the time I first saw 400 Blows, which I came away from initially with a much more lasting and positive response. Revisiting this, I am able to connect more, pick up on more of the subtleties, really every subtlety, that I had missed at the age of about fourteen. My father hates this movie. I understand why, but I am too seduced to care.

  11. lowplacelikehome's rating of the film Jules and Jim

    One of the most overrated films of all time (as most of the French films are)

  12. Bruno's rating of the film Jules and Jim

    Muitos textos se lêem babados e enamorados do filme, sob o encantamento da Catherine de Jeanne Moreau. São premissas

  13. Eric Ortiz García's rating of the film Jules and Jim

  14. lazycalm's rating of the film Jules and Jim

    Weird ending, I almost laughed.

  15. FISCHER's rating of the film Jules and Jim

    Histoire d'amour et d'amitié qui reste pour certains un excellent moment de cinéma et une oeuvre primordiale de François Truffaut, point de vue certes discutable...

  16. Anna's rating of the film Jules and Jim

    I don't know, I had heard so much praise for this film and yet when I finally sat down to watch it I felt it was incredibly overrated...the course of the film was pretty much determined from the beginning. Everyone seems to be struck by Catherine's character and her 'impulsiveness', but to me she is the product of a very male gaze and male imagination of 'what is Woman.'All in all, not very interesting.

  17. miles's rating of the film Jules and Jim

    I can see a lot of directors have been influenced by this beauty of a film!

  18. Stefano Pedrocchi's rating of the film Jules and Jim

    I think this is some of the most overrated stuff I have ever seen. Just saying, I found Bergman's Summer with Monika way deeper and more consistent than this, though overlooked. The scene that was making more sense to me was that where Jim tells her that he's marrying Gilberte; and then she pulls out a gun and he jumps off of the window. What-the-heck

  19. callum mclaughlin's rating of the film Jules and Jim

    You'll either love this film or hate this film. 'Jules et Jim' is French marmite and despite being flawed, it's Truffaut's ability to find the genuine human moments that I admire; it's the whimsey at that start that made me laugh and it's the truth amongst the naivety that made me stay. This is a film about the testament of friendship through the harsh reality of life, of war, and through the cruel virtue of women.

  20. Walker's rating of the film Jules and Jim

    I love the breif stills. They capture a moment like photographs or memory

  21. DenoResandono's rating of the film Jules and Jim

    This is the first time I watched François Truffaut's movie. It is a great story about friendship, love, hatred, and tragedy. Although this movie titled "Jules and Jim", it's also a movie about Catherine. She's a great influence of this movie - especially the friendship between Jules and Jim. She's a soul of this movie. I love its cinematography, editing, and all the technique aspects...

  22. Dada Kubin's rating of the film Jules and Jim

    Like a showcase for the virtuosity of Truffaut, the way in which he moves through different cinematic styles. And then there’s Jeanne Moreau, in one of her best performances. It’s not only Jules & Jim who fall in love with her...

  23. s.birowo's rating of the film Jules and Jim

    I despised Jeanne Moreau character in this film

  24. Machupi's rating of the film Jules and Jim

    Jeanne Moreau, please sing to my wedding

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