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Ratings & Reviews

  1. John Woodall's rating of the film Júlia ist

    I feel like this had so much unexplored potential. The entire last third of the film is where my biggest dissatisfactions lie, as the film quickly loses all sense of direction, purpose, and depth. Ironically, this prevented me from continuing to empathize with the character's feelings of loss of direction and purpose. Overall, there's still enough good here to make it worth watching, but definitely has its flaws.

  2. Annabel Lyman's rating of the film Júlia ist

    2.5, bumped to 3 because of the quality acting and directing. The subject matter, however, is lackluster, and just when you think the characters are about to be given some depth, there's a disappointing jump-cut to the end.

  3. Mia's rating of the film Júlia ist

    A must see for any non German living, lived or planning to live in the German speaking world. Captured my experience as a foreigner in Austria exactly! Conveys the humor, social situations, complicated men, and loneliness of the German city auras as well as its contagiousness. Weird color grading at times, but other than that, just great!

  4. David Perez's rating of the film Júlia ist

    Holy shit this movie is terrible. The architecture bit is half baked and unnecessary. Who wrote this piece of crap! Frank Lloyd Wrong!

  5. Paul Page's rating of the film Júlia ist

    The subject matter, as another commenter put it, is banal. Everything else - a good performance, sharp cinematography and a script that is well constructed in a technical sense - really seems extraneous to the fundamental banality of it.

  6. MATTEO BITTANTI's rating of the film Júlia ist

    Considering that Europe is experiencing the tragic plight of migration, a film about a privileged, middle-class Spanish exchange student struggling to fit in Berlin feels almost offensive. It does not help that Martin's story is banal and predictable. The architectural trope is underdeveloped: Julia Ist is not Kagonada's Columbus. The social and political contexts remain unaddressed as well. In short, immature.