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  1. Photo of Paul Nicholas

    Paul Nicholas Director and Screenplay

  2. Photo of Anthony Franciosa

    Anthony Franciosa Cast

  3. Photo of Sybil Danning

    Sybil Danning Cast

  4. Photo of Isabelle Mejias

    Isabelle Mejias Cast

  5. Photo of Paul Hubbard

    Paul Hubbard Cast

  6. Photo of Cindy Girling

    Cindy Girling Cast

  7. Photo of Reinhard Kolldehoff

    Reinhard Kolldehoff Cast

  8. Photo of Michael Tregor

    Michael Tregor Cast

  9. Photo of Miklós Lente

    Miklós Lente Cinematography

  10. Photo of Joachim Ludwig

    Joachim Ludwig Music

  11. Photo of Lindsey Goddard

    Lindsey Goddard Production Design

  12. Photo of Maurice Smith

    Maurice Smith Producer and Screenplay

  13. Photo of Monica Teuber

    Monica Teuber Producer

  14. Photo of John G. Pozhke

    John G. Pozhke Executive Producer

  15. Photo of Ernst R. von Theumer

    Ernst R. von Theumer Executive Producer

  16. Photo of Alfred Srp

    Alfred Srp Editing

  17. Photo of Nick Czudyjowyz

    Nick Czudyjowyz Sound

  18. Photo of Lothar Mankewitz

    Lothar Mankewitz Sound

  19. Photo of Hermann Swerger

    Hermann Swerger Sound

  20. Photo of Alena Penz

    Alena Penz Costume Design

  21. Photo of Anita Schwandt

    Anita Schwandt Costume Design