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  1. Photo of Joe Johnston

    Joe Johnston Director

  2. Photo of Jonathan Hensleigh

    Jonathan Hensleigh Screenplay

  3. Photo of Greg Taylor

    Greg Taylor Screenplay

  4. Photo of Jim Strain

    Jim Strain Screenplay

  5. Photo of Chris Van Allsburg

    Chris Van Allsburg Screenplay

  6. Photo of Robin Williams

    Robin Williams Cast

  7. Photo of Jonathan Hyde

    Jonathan Hyde Cast

  8. Photo of Kirsten Dunst

    Kirsten Dunst Cast

  9. Photo of Bradley Pierce

    Bradley Pierce Cast

  10. Photo of Bonnie Hunt

    Bonnie Hunt Cast

  11. Photo of Bebe Neuwirth

    Bebe Neuwirth Cast

  12. Photo of David Alan Grier

    David Alan Grier Cast

  13. Photo of Patricia Clarkson

    Patricia Clarkson Cast

  14. Photo of Adam Hann-Byrd

    Adam Hann-Byrd Cast

  15. Photo of Laura Bell Bundy

    Laura Bell Bundy Cast

  16. Photo of James Handy

    James Handy Cast

  17. Photo of Gillian Barber

    Gillian Barber Cast

  18. Photo of Brandon Obray

    Brandon Obray Cast

  19. Photo of Cyrus Thiedeke

    Cyrus Thiedeke Cast

  20. Photo of Gary Joseph Thorup

    Gary Joseph Thorup Cast

  21. Photo of Leonard Zola

    Leonard Zola Cast

  22. Photo of Lloyd Berry

    Lloyd Berry Cast

  23. Photo of Malcolm Stewart

    Malcolm Stewart Cast

  24. Photo of Annabel Kershaw

    Annabel Kershaw Cast

  25. Photo of Darryl Henriques

    Darryl Henriques Cast

  26. Photo of Robyn Driscoll

    Robyn Driscoll Cast

  27. Photo of Peter Bryant

    Peter Bryant Cast

  28. Photo of Sarah Gilson

    Sarah Gilson Cast

  29. Photo of Florica Vlad

    Florica Vlad Cast

  30. Photo of June Lion

    June Lion Cast

  31. Photo of Brenda Lockmuller

    Brenda Lockmuller Cast

  32. Photo of Frederick Richardson

    Frederick Richardson Cast

  33. Photo of Thomas E. Ackerman

    Thomas E. Ackerman Cinematography

  34. Photo of James Horner

    James Horner Music

  35. Photo of James D. Bissell

    James D. Bissell Production Design

  36. Photo of Scott Kroopf

    Scott Kroopf Producer

  37. Photo of William Teitler

    William Teitler Producer

  38. Photo of Robert W. Cort

    Robert W. Cort Executive Producer

  39. Photo of Ted Field

    Ted Field Executive Producer

  40. Photo of Larry J. Franco

    Larry J. Franco Executive Producer

  41. Photo of Robert Dalva

    Robert Dalva Editing

  42. Photo of Rob Young

    Rob Young Sound