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  1. Photo of Pål Sletaune

    Pål Sletaune Director and Screenplay

  2. Photo of Peter Bøe

    Peter Bøe Producer

  3. Photo of Dag Nordahl

    Dag Nordahl Producer

  4. Photo of Jonny Halberg

    Jonny Halberg Screenplay

  5. Photo of Kjell Vassdal

    Kjell Vassdal Cinematography

  6. Photo of Robert Skjærstad

    Robert Skjærstad Cast

  7. Photo of Andrine Sæther

    Andrine Sæther Cast

  8. Photo of Per Egil Aske

    Per Egil Aske Cast

  9. Photo of Eli Anne Linnestad

    Eli Anne Linnestad Cast

  10. Photo of Trond Høvik

    Trond Høvik Cast

  11. Photo of Henriette Steenstrup

    Henriette Steenstrup Cast

  12. Photo of Trond Fausa

    Trond Fausa Cast

  13. Photo of Ådne Olav Sekkelsten

    Ådne Olav Sekkelsten Cast

  14. Photo of Pål Gengenbach

    Pål Gengenbach Editing

  15. Photo of Karl Júlíusson

    Karl Júlíusson Production Design

  16. Photo of Joachim Holbek

    Joachim Holbek Music

  17. Photo of Sturla Einarson

    Sturla Einarson Sound

  18. Photo of Bente Winther-Larsen

    Bente Winther-Larsen Costume Design