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  1. Photo of Christian Faure

    Christian Faure Director and Screenplay

  2. Photo of Pierre Pauquet

    Pierre Pauquet Screenplay

  3. Photo of Annick Larboulette

    Annick Larboulette Screenplay

  4. Photo of Cyrille Thouvenin

    Cyrille Thouvenin Cast

  5. Photo of Stéphan Guérin-Tillié

    Stéphan Guérin-Tillié Cast

  6. Photo of Eva Darlan

    Eva Darlan Cast

  7. Photo of Caroline Veyt

    Caroline Veyt Cast

  8. Photo of Danièle Denie

    Danièle Denie Cast

  9. Photo of Idwig Stephane

    Idwig Stephane Cast

  10. Photo of Laurence César

    Laurence César Cast

  11. Photo of Jean-Pierre Valère

    Jean-Pierre Valère Cast

  12. Photo of Raphaëlle Lubansu

    Raphaëlle Lubansu Cast

  13. Photo of Jean-Baptiste Lefèvre

    Jean-Baptiste Lefèvre Cast

  14. Photo of Louis-Philippe Capelle

    Louis-Philippe Capelle Cinematography

  15. Photo of Charles Court

    Charles Court Music

  16. Photo of Perrine Rulens

    Perrine Rulens Production Design

  17. Photo of Jean-Luc Azoulay

    Jean-Luc Azoulay Producer

  18. Photo of Takis Candilis

    Takis Candilis Producer

  19. Photo of Pierre Grimblat

    Pierre Grimblat Producer

  20. Photo of Martine Chicot

    Martine Chicot Executive Producer

  21. Photo of Dominique Janne

    Dominique Janne Executive Producer

  22. Photo of Marie-Astrid Lamboray

    Marie-Astrid Lamboray Executive Producer

  23. Photo of Marie-Claude Lacambre

    Marie-Claude Lacambre Editing

  24. Photo of Ingrid Ralet

    Ingrid Ralet Sound

  25. Photo of Alain Sironval

    Alain Sironval Sound