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Ratings & Reviews

  1. Daniel Iván's rating of the film Just a Sigh

    Detailed storytelling and a narrative based on intimacy and unlikely connections. What I love about French cinema is so well portrayed here: basic human stories with a glimpse of madness. Neat film.

  2. Vinod Narayan's rating of the film Just a Sigh

    I watched this movie recently and I liked it because it has a poetic touch, more like being the film adaptation of a poem. the theme is not new where two strangers are attracted to each other and I have always loved that theme. So when the performances are good there is no reason to not like it

  3. Michael Harbour's rating of the film Just a Sigh

    OK, so I don't really know how good this movie is. Very early on I thought, "this would play VERY differently if the gender of the characters was reversed." So I watched two movies simultaneously and it was fascinating experiencing the audiences response to one movie while imagining their very different response to the other. Watched that way, it's wonderful.