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  1. Photo of Frank Vogel

    Frank Vogel Director

  2. Photo of Joachim Nestler

    Joachim Nestler Screenplay

  3. Photo of Manfred Freitag

    Manfred Freitag Screenplay

  4. Photo of Peter Reusse

    Peter Reusse Cast

  5. Photo of Anne-Kathrein Kretzschmar

    Anne-Kathrein Kretzschmar Cast

  6. Photo of Hans Hardt-Hardtloff

    Hans Hardt-Hardtloff Cast

  7. Photo of Jutta Hoffmann

    Jutta Hoffmann Cast

  8. Photo of Helga Göring

    Helga Göring Cast

  9. Photo of Herbert Köfer

    Herbert Köfer Cast

  10. Photo of Fred Delmare

    Fred Delmare Cast

  11. Photo of Arno Wyzniewski

    Arno Wyzniewski Cast

  12. Photo of Horst Buder

    Horst Buder Cast

  13. Photo of Hans-H. Marin

    Hans-H. Marin Cast

  14. Photo of Heinz-Dieter Obiova

    Heinz-Dieter Obiova Cast

  15. Photo of Armin Mechsner

    Armin Mechsner Cast

  16. Photo of Alex-Peter Lang

    Alex-Peter Lang Cast

  17. Photo of Hans-Peter Körner

    Hans-Peter Körner Cast

  18. Photo of Uwe Karpa

    Uwe Karpa Cast

  19. Photo of Werner Dissel

    Werner Dissel Cast

  20. Photo of Heinz Hellmich

    Heinz Hellmich Cast

  21. Photo of Willi Nocke

    Willi Nocke Cast

  22. Photo of Rolf Figelius

    Rolf Figelius Cast

  23. Photo of Hans-Dieter Hosalla

    Hans-Dieter Hosalla Music

  24. Photo of Günter Ost

    Günter Ost Cinematography

  25. Photo of Helga Krause

    Helga Krause Editing