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  1. Photo of John Woo

    John Woo Director

  2. Photo of Tommy Hau

    Tommy Hau Screenplay

  3. Photo of Kuang Ni

    Kuang Ni Screenplay

  4. Photo of Stephen Chow

    Stephen Chow Cast

  5. Photo of David Chiang

    David Chiang Cast and Producer

  6. Photo of Ma Wu

    Ma Wu Cast and Director

  7. Photo of Lung Ti

    Lung Ti Cast

  8. Photo of James Wong

    James Wong Cast and Music

  9. Photo of Yuen Woo-Ping

    Yuen Woo-Ping Cast

  10. Photo of Paul Chun

    Paul Chun Cast

  11. Photo of Phillip Ko

    Phillip Ko Cast

  12. Photo of Tien Niu

    Tien Niu Cast

  13. Photo of Bill Tung

    Bill Tung Cast

  14. Photo of Cho Wai Ki

    Cho Wai Ki Cinematography

  15. Photo of Yee Tung Lung

    Yee Tung Lung Cinematography

  16. Photo of Romeo Díaz

    Romeo Díaz Music

  17. Photo of Ringo Cheung

    Ringo Cheung Production Design

  18. Photo of Andy Lee

    Andy Lee Production Design

  19. Photo of Tsui Hark

    Tsui Hark Producer

  20. Photo of Danny Lee

    Danny Lee Producer and Cast

  21. Photo of Cheh Chang

    Cheh Chang Executive Producer

  22. Photo of Hung Choi

    Hung Choi Editing