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  1. Photo of Laura Tonke

    Laura Tonke Cast

  2. Photo of Herbert Fritsch

    Herbert Fritsch Cast

  3. Photo of Marquard Bohm

    Marquard Bohm Cast

  4. Photo of Johannes Herrschmann

    Johannes Herrschmann Cast

  5. Photo of Alexander Höchst

    Alexander Höchst Cast

  6. Photo of Valeska Hanel

    Valeska Hanel Cast

  7. Photo of Alexander Malkowsky

    Alexander Malkowsky Cast

  8. Photo of Stefan Felmy

    Stefan Felmy Cast

  9. Photo of Wilhelm Manske

    Wilhelm Manske Cast

  10. Photo of Robin Weinem

    Robin Weinem Cast

  11. Photo of Egon Hofmann

    Egon Hofmann Cast

  12. Photo of Katja Salm

    Katja Salm Cast

  13. Photo of Reiner von Polheim

    Reiner von Polheim Cast

  14. Photo of Biggi Zeh

    Biggi Zeh Cast

  15. Photo of Sülbiye Günar

    Sülbiye Günar Cast

  16. Photo of Ulla Kreutner-Hellwig

    Ulla Kreutner-Hellwig Cast

  17. Photo of Alessandra Mulino

    Alessandra Mulino Cast

  18. Photo of Pasyquale Jurescia

    Pasyquale Jurescia Cast

  19. Photo of Nina Mory

    Nina Mory Cast

  20. Photo of Gustav Leopold Hellwig

    Gustav Leopold Hellwig Cast

  21. Photo of Carsten Thiele

    Carsten Thiele Cinematography

  22. Photo of Benjamin Rinnert

    Benjamin Rinnert Music

  23. Photo of Nia Dryhurst

    Nia Dryhurst Production Design

  24. Photo of Armgard Meyer

    Armgard Meyer Production Design

  25. Photo of Rudolf Thome

    Rudolf Thome Producer, Screenplay Director

  26. Photo of Bernd Euscher

    Bernd Euscher Editing

  27. Photo of Javier Moya

    Javier Moya Sound

  28. Photo of Hartmut Eichgrün

    Hartmut Eichgrün Sound