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  1. Photo of Benedek Fliegauf

    Benedek Fliegauf Director, Screenplay, Music Production Design

  2. Photo of Katalin Toldi

    Katalin Toldi Cast

  3. Photo of Gyöngyi Lendvai

    Gyöngyi Lendvai Cast

  4. Photo of Lajos Sárkány

    Lajos Sárkány Cast

  5. Photo of György Toldi

    György Toldi Cast

  6. Photo of Attila Egyed

    Attila Egyed Cast

  7. Photo of Zsolt Végh

    Zsolt Végh Cast

  8. Photo of Emese Vasvári

    Emese Vasvári Cast

  9. Photo of Franciska Töröcsik

    Franciska Töröcsik Cast

  10. Photo of Gergely Kaszás

    Gergely Kaszás Cast

  11. Photo of Zoltán Lovasi

    Zoltán Lovasi Cinematography

  12. Photo of Ernő Mesterházy

    Ernő Mesterházy Producer

  13. Photo of András Muhi

    András Muhi Producer

  14. Photo of Mónika Mécs

    Mónika Mécs Producer

  15. Photo of Xavier Box

    Xavier Box Editing

  16. Photo of Tamás Beke

    Tamás Beke Sound and Music