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  1. Photo of Tony Wharmby

    Tony Wharmby Director

  2. Photo of James Ormerod

    James Ormerod Director and Producer

  3. Photo of Christopher Hodson

    Christopher Hodson Director

  4. Photo of Alan Bromly

    Alan Bromly Director

  5. Photo of Brian Farnham

    Brian Farnham Director

  6. Photo of John Frankau

    John Frankau Director

  7. Photo of Mark Cullingham

    Mark Cullingham Director

  8. Photo of David Ambrose

    David Ambrose Screenplay

  9. Photo of James Mitchell

    James Mitchell Screenplay

  10. Photo of Ray Jenkins

    Ray Jenkins Screenplay

  11. Photo of Kevin Laffan

    Kevin Laffan Screenplay

  12. Photo of John Batt

    John Batt Screenplay

  13. Photo of Ian Curteis

    Ian Curteis Screenplay

  14. Photo of Edmund Ward

    Edmund Ward Screenplay

  15. Photo of Bill MacIlwraith

    Bill MacIlwraith Screenplay

  16. Photo of David Lees

    David Lees Screenplay

  17. Photo of Bruce Stewart

    Bruce Stewart Screenplay

  18. Photo of Eric Wendell

    Eric Wendell Screenplay

  19. Photo of Margaret Lockwood

    Margaret Lockwood Cast

  20. Photo of John Stone

    John Stone Cast

  21. Photo of Philip Stone

    Philip Stone Cast

  22. Photo of John Bryans

    John Bryans Cast

  23. Photo of Anthony Valentine

    Anthony Valentine Cast

  24. Photo of William Walton

    William Walton Music

  25. Photo of Jacky Stoller

    Jacky Stoller Producer

  26. Photo of Peter Willes

    Peter Willes Executive Producer