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  1. anadyomene's rating of the film Justice League

    Eeee, I'm honestly not a DC fan. I actually wanted to say something more but nah, I'll leave it to other people.

  2. Divalino Barid's rating of the film Justice League

  3. Rohith V's rating of the film Justice League

    (Re-watched) Snyder's "problematic" stepchild. Major drawbacks: functional screenplay, tonal unevenness, revised characterization and the unbearable awkwardness of Superman's resurrection. The glum "irreverent cool" of Snyder's Batman and the "challenged idealism" of Snyder's Superman seem like distant miracles now - for synthetic studio humanism has finally assumed control. Didn't buy the "Motherly" Wonder - (cont.)

  4. kathmeep's rating of the film Justice League

  5. Byron Dean's rating of the film Justice League

    Outstanding auteur vision masked as a late year blockbuster, Snyder's vision is pure and not even Whedon can ruin it. A true woman superhero and possibly the greatest superhero in the last 15 years played perfectly by Gadot, our first black superhero who matters since Blade played by the future superstar Ray Fisher. Any true fan of the comics and the old JL cartoons will surely enjoy this.

  6. Tiagojeff's rating of the film Justice League

    Such a shame for I love DC Comics

  7. Antonio León Medina's rating of the film Justice League

    Good movie, script and visual special effects. It was great to see Aquaman, Flash, Batman, Superman Cyborg and Wonderwoman (uff so beautiful Gal Gadot). I guess the Dc Universe is very well worked on this movie. It has this kind of dark and light on the film that makes it interesting to see. Very good work for the characters. I hope to see more of the Justice League soon!. Good job Zack Snyder.

  8. samuele90's rating of the film Justice League

  9. Mathias Palmberg's rating of the film Justice League

    It's a hot mess that sometimes work but mostly doesn't. The biggest drawback is the rote villain and we have seen this "destroy the world" scenario a million times before. Considering that DC has a rich mythos I wonder why they settled on this villain out of all the choices they had. The acting is ok, except for Miller whose The Flash is so wrong on so many levels. Maybe it's time the ditch this DC universe?

  10. Matthew Catanzano's rating of the film Justice League

    I thought it was very enjoyable with characters that I couldn't get enough of. No, it certainly was no Watchmen or even Man of Steel but it was a fun childrens film. (I would've cut Wayne drinking and some of the Flash's quipping was too much. I would've made Aquaman and Cyborg more of the story.) It should have been longer and either more adult or less.

  11. S Campbell's rating of the film Justice League

    Stick with Wonder Woman at Least Patty Jenkins has clear grip of her hero. Zack Snyder thinks things crashing and lots of fighting make a film.............they don't

  12. saitosouta's rating of the film Justice League

    Vehemență incoerentă, impact de coșmar și catastrofă copleșită, acestea sunt elementele esențiale ale lui Zach Snyder însă nu există aici. în schimb, există umor caraghios, distracție vioaie și speranță sinceră în "Justice League," care sunt cele ale lui Joss Whedon. Eu și îl iubesc. // 支離滅裂な激烈さと悪夢的な衝撃、そして圧倒的大破壊。それがザック・スナイダー作品のエッセンスだったがここには存在していない。その代わり"ジャスティス・リーグ"にはジョス・ウェドンの小粋なユーモアと軽やかな愉しさ、まっすぐな希望がある。こちらも好みだ。

  13. Eli Almario's rating of the film Justice League

    I don't know if it's just this film, or all the other DC films are like this.

  14. Jacob Bearchum's rating of the film Justice League

    This is barely a cohesive film, it's just a series of stitched together studio notes over a shell of a film Snyder had to, sadly, depart from. I wasn't a fan of MoS or BvS but at least those films were something. On the bright side, Gadot's still great, I saw a Lantern, and I quite liked Ray Fisher.

  15. rksw's rating of the film Justice League

    majimakcheoreom ma-ma-majimakcheoreom

  16. Ethan's rating of the film Justice League

    This is a solid action film that has a lot of fun with its characters and material and sets up a solid universe that I look forward to seeing unfold on the big screen.

  17. FCC 86's rating of the film Justice League

  18. ceknklsn's rating of the film Justice League

    41/100 (Son gittiğim Doctor Strange-Logan-Wonder Woman filmleriyle birlikte süper kahraman filmleri acaba klişeleri kırmaya, senaryoya önem vermeye başladı mı derken yine klişeler klişesi, saçmalar saçması bir film izledim. Üzücü nokta sinemada para ödemek oldu. Ya bıkmadınız mı artık efsane bir ekip toplayıp kötüye karşı savaşmaktan ? Bıkın yahu yeter... Flash'ın sahneleri, Gal Gadot güzelliğini çıkar. Sonuç 0.)

  19. Raúl Silva Gómez's rating of the film Justice League

    La diferencia clave entre los filmes sobre Marvel y DC es por lo que veo las maneras en que buscan lograr empatía en el espectador. DC trata sin frutos humanizar sus mundos alienigenas con semi dioses enmascarandolos de atributos "humanos". El humor, la familia rusa, los abruptos momentos de sinceridad, etc. No se siente natural. In other note, no aguanto el estilo de Zack Snyder, es adolescentemente formulaico, bro

  20. C҉ă҉t҉ă҉l҉i҉n҉'s rating of the film Justice League

    I did like the part where The Flash was coming up behind Superman and he turned his head to look at him, and The Flash was like 'oh shit.' That was kind of badass and seemed like a genuine Zack Snyder moment. Unfortunately, the rest of the movie was produced by the studio.

  21. vladimirbalt's rating of the film Justice League

    Things that ruin the movie: a lack of good characterization, weird CGI, all the Snyder related crap and overall incoherent feeling. Thing's that don't ruin the movie: actors I guess.

  22. *:・゚✧'s rating of the film Justice League

    for Ezra Miller & The White Stripes. that's it

  23. Rocketeam's rating of the film Justice League

    Holy bummer batman, that was bad! WB just can't take the hint and get rid of Snyder. At least Wonder Woman was in it.

  24. HKFanatic's rating of the film Justice League

    There's enough Snyder-esque DNA left here to make me wonder about the movie we would have gotten if the filmmaker had been allowed to conclude the story he's been building to since 2013 - there was clearly the potential for a smashing finale. In its place, the product we got left me feeling like I'd just witnessed a pretty good but not great entry in the "Fast & Furious" series, only this time with super powers.

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