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  1. Photo of Claude Massot

    Claude Massot Director and Screenplay

  2. Photo of Sebastian Regnier

    Sebastian Regnier Screenplay and Music

  3. Photo of Charles Dance

    Charles Dance Cast

  4. Photo of Adamie Quasiak Inukpuk

    Adamie Quasiak Inukpuk Cast

  5. Photo of Seporah Q. Ungalaq

    Seporah Q. Ungalaq Cast

  6. Photo of Bernard Bloch

    Bernard Bloch Cast

  7. Photo of Natar Ungalaaq

    Natar Ungalaaq Cast

  8. Photo of Peter Hudson

    Peter Hudson Cast

  9. Photo of Matthew Saviakjuk-jaw

    Matthew Saviakjuk-jaw Cast

  10. Photo of Georges Claisse

    Georges Claisse Cast

  11. Photo of Pauloosie Qulitalik

    Pauloosie Qulitalik Cast

  12. Photo of Tattigat Arnatsiaq

    Tattigat Arnatsiaq Cast

  13. Photo of Aleega Ragee Killiktee

    Aleega Ragee Killiktee Cast

  14. Photo of Tony Vogel

    Tony Vogel Cast

  15. Photo of Nikolai Aipin Grigorievitch

    Nikolai Aipin Grigorievitch Cast

  16. Photo of Lyla Kootoo

    Lyla Kootoo Cast

  17. Photo of Ottakie Puddiuq

    Ottakie Puddiuq Cast

  18. Photo of Rodha Kopalie

    Rodha Kopalie Cast

  19. Photo of Shortie Killitee

    Shortie Killitee Cast

  20. Photo of Emidio Michetti

    Emidio Michetti Cast

  21. Photo of Charles S. Doucet

    Charles S. Doucet Cast

  22. Photo of Daniel Richard Giverin

    Daniel Richard Giverin Cast

  23. Photo of Jonathan Stark

    Jonathan Stark Cast

  24. Photo of Jacques Loiseleux

    Jacques Loiseleux Cinematography

  25. Photo of François Protat

    François Protat Cinematography

  26. Photo of Gilles Aird

    Gilles Aird Production Design

  27. Photo of Valodia Aronine

    Valodia Aronine Production Design

  28. Photo of Georges Benayoun

    Georges Benayoun Producer

  29. Photo of Pierre Gendron

    Pierre Gendron Producer

  30. Photo of Ginette Petit

    Ginette Petit Producer

  31. Photo of Paul Rozenberg

    Paul Rozenberg Producer

  32. Photo of Angelo Pastore

    Angelo Pastore Executive Producer

  33. Photo of Joëlle Hache

    Joëlle Hache Editing

  34. Photo of Claire Pinheiro

    Claire Pinheiro Editing

  35. Photo of Anna Banchelin-Kubik

    Anna Banchelin-Kubik Costume Design

  36. Photo of Olga Berluti

    Olga Berluti Costume Design

  37. Photo of Suzanne Canuel

    Suzanne Canuel Costume Design

  38. Photo of Vera Romanova

    Vera Romanova Costume Design