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Ratings & Reviews

  1. pintobean's rating of the film Kahaani

    I didn't like the ending, idk it felt too easy??

  2. sharmilee's rating of the film Kahaani

    Visually stunning, and the twist caught me completely off-guard. Warrants a re-watch, mostly to look for plot holes after the fact. Plot aside, the chaotic imagery complimented the film beautifully making it a worthwhile watch.

  3. saiths's rating of the film Kahaani

    despite not seeing enough indian thriller/mysteries, this was quite a surprise. it was gorgeous and i can honestly say i saw none of what was coming. it was filled with a whole lot of heart, guilt and badass-ery.

  4. Fx Ardhi Djohary's rating of the film Kahaani

    Just sit back and relax... you'll think you know where this is going, but in the end you'll find it's useless.

  5. William Low's rating of the film Kahaani

    A seemingly straight and predictable first half story line paid off well with a nice twists.

  6. oldeuboi's rating of the film Kahaani

    Or how to complicated a simple story with a brilliant twist you won't see it coming. But a good ones.