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  1. Photo of Roger Allers

    Roger Allers Director and Screenplay

  2. Photo of Gaëtan Brizzi

    Gaëtan Brizzi Director

  3. Photo of Paul Brizzi

    Paul Brizzi Director

  4. Photo of Joan Gratz

    Joan Gratz Director

  5. Photo of Mohammed Saeed Harib

    Mohammed Saeed Harib Director

  6. Photo of Tomm Moore

    Tomm Moore Director

  7. Photo of Nina Paley

    Nina Paley Director

  8. Photo of Bill Plympton

    Bill Plympton Director

  9. Photo of Joann Sfar

    Joann Sfar Director

  10. Photo of Michal Socha

    Michal Socha Director

  11. Photo of Liam Neeson

    Liam Neeson Cast

  12. Photo of Salma Hayek

    Salma Hayek Cast and Producer

  13. Photo of John Krasinski

    John Krasinski Cast

  14. Photo of Frank Langella

    Frank Langella Cast

  15. Photo of Alfred Molina

    Alfred Molina Cast

  16. Photo of John Rhys-Davies

    John Rhys-Davies Cast

  17. Photo of Quvenzhané Wallis

    Quvenzhané Wallis Cast

  18. Photo of Gabriel Yared

    Gabriel Yared Music

  19. Photo of Bjarne Hansen

    Bjarne Hansen Production Design

  20. Photo of Clark Peterson

    Clark Peterson Producer

  21. Photo of José Tamez

    José Tamez Producer

  22. Photo of Ron Senkowski

    Ron Senkowski Producer

  23. Photo of Steve Hanson

    Steve Hanson Executive Producer

  24. Photo of François Pinault

    François Pinault Executive Producer

  25. Photo of Jeff Skoll

    Jeff Skoll Executive Producer

  26. Photo of Jonathan King

    Jonathan King Executive Producer

  27. Photo of Julia Lebedev

    Julia Lebedev Executive Producer

  28. Photo of Leonid Lebedev

    Leonid Lebedev Executive Producer

  29. Photo of Naël Nasr

    Naël Nasr Executive Producer

  30. Photo of Haytham Nasr

    Haytham Nasr Executive Producer

  31. Photo of Jean Riachi

    Jean Riachi Executive Producer

  32. Photo of Julien Khabba

    Julien Khabba Executive Producer

  33. Photo of William Nix

    William Nix Executive Producer

  34. Photo of Jennifer Dolce

    Jennifer Dolce Editing

  35. Photo of Kelly Cole

    Kelly Cole Sound

  36. Photo of Bill Mellow

    Bill Mellow Sound