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  1. Photo of Tokuzô Tanaka

    Tokuzô Tanaka Director

  2. Photo of Ikuo Kubodera

    Ikuo Kubodera Producer

  3. Photo of Masaichi Nagata

    Masaichi Nagata Producer

  4. Photo of Fuji Yahiro

    Fuji Yahiro Screenplay

  5. Photo of Chishi Makiura

    Chishi Makiura Cinematography

  6. Photo of Jun Fujikawa

    Jun Fujikawa Cast

  7. Photo of Shiho Fujimura

    Shiho Fujimura Cast

  8. Photo of Tatsuo Hananuno

    Tatsuo Hananuno Cast

  9. Photo of Sen Hara

    Sen Hara Cast

  10. Photo of Akiyoshi Haruta

    Akiyoshi Haruta Cast

  11. Photo of Machiko Hasegawa

    Machiko Hasegawa Cast

  12. Photo of Jutarô Hojo

    Jutarô Hojo Cast

  13. Photo of Yukio Horikita

    Yukio Horikita Cast

  14. Photo of Ken'ichirô Imura

    Ken'ichirô Imura Cast

  15. Photo of Akira Ishihama

    Akira Ishihama Cast

  16. Photo of Yoshiro Kitahara

    Yoshiro Kitahara Cast

  17. Photo of Hajime Koshikawa

    Hajime Koshikawa Cast

  18. Photo of Sachiko Murase

    Sachiko Murase Cast

  19. Photo of Taketoshi Naitô

    Taketoshi Naitô Cast

  20. Photo of Tokio Oki

    Tokio Oki Cast

  21. Photo of Shinya Saitô

    Shinya Saitô Cast

  22. Photo of Masao Shimizu

    Masao Shimizu Cast

  23. Photo of Fujio Suga

    Fujio Suga Cast

  24. Photo of Mizuho Suzuki

    Mizuho Suzuki Cast

  25. Photo of Eijirô Yamada

    Eijirô Yamada Cast

  26. Photo of Hiroshi Yamada

    Hiroshi Yamada Editing

  27. Photo of Akira Naitô

    Akira Naitô Production Design

  28. Photo of Akira Ifukube

    Akira Ifukube Music

  29. Photo of Noburu Kurashima

    Noburu Kurashima Sound

  30. Photo of Yukio Umihara

    Yukio Umihara Sound