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  1. Jota-D's rating of the film Kaili Blues

    Le passé est une remorque appropriée avec dedans le titre du film, le titre apparaît dans la remorque du passé une demi heure après le début du film. On met des horloges sur les trains pour détraquer le temps. La ville se regarde dans tous les miroirs des motos, c'est le mérite des motos de laisser la ville se précipiter, la ville est tellement chanceuse derrière les motos. La télé est la grosse caboche des poèmes.

  2. Kelsey's rating of the film Kaili Blues

    Life is physical, but life is spiritual. This movie is like the film taken at the wedding between those two facets of our existence. Soak it in; let it wash over you; and in the end, feel what it is to be human. Life is painful but beautiful, and it will pass by you before you even realize what's happening. This film is like a look back on it all; but viewing it while still alive and young, I count as a privilege.

  3. Jordan Kaltz's rating of the film Kaili Blues

    Towards the end of the film Chen says ‘it’s like being in a dream’. a singl line of dialogue that makes all that comes before it so consequential. pure poetic cinema, tarkovsky would be proud!! I cried during the final shot

  4. OLIVER-J's rating of the film Kaili Blues

    quiet, beautiful and as others have noted, brimming with an engrossing dream like rhythm. from a purely technical standpoint this film is stunning. Gan Bi is definitely one to watch.

  5. Eric Eidelstein's rating of the film Kaili Blues

    Less taxing on a second watch, but no less distressing. Imagine being on an endless trauma loop where your past and present anxieties play out on screen out of order.

  6. Bram Vroonland's rating of the film Kaili Blues

    It turns out that a shallow plot enriched with stunning imagery and a mixture of mystery and bleak Chinese everydayness can be a deep cinematic experience. Still, it lacks a little in comparison to the works of those directors who have obviously inspired this endeavor.

  7. Naila's rating of the film Kaili Blues

    Really stunning but I just couldn't help but get bored.

  8. cin·aes·the·tic's rating of the film Kaili Blues

    I have mixed feelings about this film. I enjoyed it, but I also felt let down at the end. While technically brilliant, poetic, and philosophically challenging, the long take actually dissolves the narrative at certain points (and the lens seems askew at others). Perhaps this is to show us that life occurs entirely in the present, and we create internal movies from our memories (and daydreams) to make sense of it all.

  9. Danny Mansfield's rating of the film Kaili Blues

    There's a lot to unpack here. Visually, it's gorgeous. Definitely recommend viewing in HD if possible. Also very abstract. Will probably have to watch this again at some point, but I'm eagar to see what Gan Bi has coming next.

  10. Eric Rucker's rating of the film Kaili Blues

    Much more like stepping into a Breughel painting than The Mill And The Cross was. Astonishing movements inside space. I loved the plot that worked like a scroll painting or Medieval painting with events recurring in different registers.

  11. mpho3's rating of the film Kaili Blues

    "Bi has grabbed hold of the searching, remorseful component of noir and let the rest else slip away.... Mixing the mundane and the mystical... this is the journey of a mind haunted by loss, abandonment, and regret. It wouldn’t come as a shock if any given scene were revealed to be a dream sequence; it’s a sign of serious poetic temperament that none of them are." - Ignatiy Vishnevetsky, AV Club. 3.5 stars

  12. be_truc's rating of the film Kaili Blues

    i loved this so much. lonely and soft and gentle.

  13. Ralph Melcher's rating of the film Kaili Blues

    The magic of Gan Bi’s film is its ability to capture moments of mystical and timeless beauty encountered in both city and countryside. The realms of dream and reality, past and present, perception and memory overlap each other throughout. The long central take unveils an intimate sense of a place where the old and the new are mingled and we are reminded that cinema as poetry takes us beyond narrative structures.

  14. zubee's rating of the film Kaili Blues

    I can't read that fast.

  15. Kwemo's rating of the film Kaili Blues

    Of course the tracking shot is amazing but the world that is built here is ephemeral. Slow cinema that seems to understand why it's slow and why its the only way to tell this story. My only problem is that the movie starts even slower. You have to acclimate to the pacing but if you do you'll enjoy this piece.

  16. Katya Kazbek's rating of the film Kaili Blues

    I honestly don't care where this film stands in terms of film theory but it's beautiful, touching, clever and a splendid portrait of a region of China I know nothing about.

  17. Mtume Gant's rating of the film Kaili Blues

    It works cause it is its own thing, like you can see the influences but it uses them as an inspiration not a copycat opportunity. Wish I saw it in a theatre but lovely debut

  18. Adil's rating of the film Kaili Blues

    Certainly ambitious but I am afraid it doesn't escape the long-take gimmick criticism. Nice combination of image, sound and poetry, although ultimately the whole 'passage of time' things falls a bit short.

  19. David R Williams's rating of the film Kaili Blues

    "Led by performances imbued with barely concealed sorrow, regret and longing to come to terms with that which has been lost, “Kaili Blues” affords a view of people, and a nation, caught in between a haunting yesterday and — as implied by the film’s conclusion — a hopeful tomorrow."

  20. G.'s rating of the film Kaili Blues

    Although I definitely appreciate the ambition of this film's celebrated long-take, the execution was amateur in a way that I found too distracting and ultimately purposeless. Incidentally, do any of the more technical mubi-heads out there know why the image seemed to kind of wobble or flap as though projected on a curtain in the wind at some points?

  21. Matthew Martens's rating of the film Kaili Blues

  22. John's rating of the film Kaili Blues

    Stunning. Cinematic bliss. Also an ethnographic discovery to boot. Hope Bi Gan continues to evolve. The use of poetry as a kind of soundtrack element is inspired. Hope he continues that as well.

  23. Traum Baum's rating of the film Kaili Blues

    Time is fluid, but we don't need clocks as a constant reminder of it. The time-image notion can be great as long as you know how to apply it.

  24. juanitarrr's rating of the film Kaili Blues

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