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  1. Photo of Petr Jákl

    Petr Jákl Director, Screenplay Producer

  2. Photo of Marek Dobes

    Marek Dobes Screenplay

  3. Photo of Konstantin Lavronenko

    Konstantin Lavronenko Cast

  4. Photo of Tatiana Vilhelmová

    Tatiana Vilhelmová Cast

  5. Photo of Bogusław Linda

    Bogusław Linda Cast

  6. Photo of Michal Dlouhý

    Michal Dlouhý Cast

  7. Photo of Werner Daehn

    Werner Daehn Cast

  8. Photo of Vladimír Dlouhý

    Vladimír Dlouhý Cast

  9. Photo of Václav Bárta

    Václav Bárta Cast and Music

  10. Photo of Deana Horváthová

    Deana Horváthová Cast

  11. Photo of Ken Duken

    Ken Duken Cast

  12. Photo of Hynek Čermák

    Hynek Čermák Cast

  13. Photo of Marek Vašut

    Marek Vašut Cast

  14. Photo of F.A. Brabec

    F.A. Brabec Cinematography

  15. Photo of Igor Konyukov

    Igor Konyukov Producer

  16. Photo of Lubos Vala

    Lubos Vala Executive Producer

  17. Photo of Matous Outrata

    Matous Outrata Editing