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  1. Photo of Dominic Sena

    Dominic Sena Director

  2. Photo of Lynn Bigelow

    Lynn Bigelow Executive Producer

  3. Photo of Jim Kouf

    Jim Kouf Executive Producer

  4. Photo of Steve Golin

    Steve Golin Producer

  5. Photo of Aristides McGarry

    Aristides McGarry Producer

  6. Photo of Sigurjon Sighvatsson

    Sigurjon Sighvatsson Producer

  7. Photo of Tim Metcalfe

    Tim Metcalfe Screenplay

  8. Photo of Bojan Bazelli

    Bojan Bazelli Cinematography

  9. Photo of Brad Pitt

    Brad Pitt Cast

  10. Photo of David Duchovny

    David Duchovny Cast

  11. Photo of Michelle Forbes

    Michelle Forbes Cast

  12. Photo of Juliette Lewis

    Juliette Lewis Cast

  13. Photo of Judson Vaughn

    Judson Vaughn Cast

  14. Photo of Martin Hunter

    Martin Hunter Editing

  15. Photo of Michael White

    Michael White Production Design

  16. Photo of Carter Burwell

    Carter Burwell Music

  17. Photo of Kelle Kutsugeras

    Kelle Kutsugeras Costume Design

  18. Photo of Mars Callahan

    Mars Callahan Cast

  19. Photo of Sierra Pecheur

    Sierra Pecheur Cast

  20. Photo of John Dullaghan

    John Dullaghan Cast

  21. Photo of Ron Kuhlman

    Ron Kuhlman Cast

  22. Photo of Loanne Bishop

    Loanne Bishop Cast

  23. Photo of Brett Rice

    Brett Rice Cast

  24. Photo of James Michael McDougal

    James Michael McDougal Cast