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  1. Photo of Hans Abramson

    Hans Abramson Director and Screenplay

  2. Photo of Karin Boye

    Karin Boye Novel

  3. Photo of Sven Wollter

    Sven Wollter Cast

  4. Photo of Helena Brodin

    Helena Brodin Cast

  5. Photo of Ulf Qvarsebo

    Ulf Qvarsebo Cast

  6. Photo of Åke Lagergren

    Åke Lagergren Cast

  7. Photo of Barbro Oborg

    Barbro Oborg Cast

  8. Photo of Per Oscarsson

    Per Oscarsson Cast

  9. Photo of Wiveka Warenfalk

    Wiveka Warenfalk Cast

  10. Photo of Evert Lindkvist

    Evert Lindkvist Cast

  11. Photo of Sven-Olof Jansson

    Sven-Olof Jansson Cast

  12. Photo of Lena Brundin

    Lena Brundin Cast

  13. Photo of Gunilla Nyroos

    Gunilla Nyroos Cast

  14. Photo of Gunnel Broström

    Gunnel Broström Cast

  15. Photo of Percy Brandt

    Percy Brandt Cast

  16. Photo of Måns Westfelt

    Måns Westfelt Cast

  17. Photo of Ernst Günther

    Ernst Günther Cast

  18. Photo of Cecilia Hjalmarsson

    Cecilia Hjalmarsson Cast

  19. Photo of Herman Ahlsell

    Herman Ahlsell Cast

  20. Photo of Alf Nilsson

    Alf Nilsson Cast

  21. Photo of Per Elam

    Per Elam Cast

  22. Photo of Gerd Hegnell

    Gerd Hegnell Cast

  23. Photo of Håkan Paaske

    Håkan Paaske Cast

  24. Photo of Ellen Nordqvist

    Ellen Nordqvist Cast

  25. Photo of Cicilia Andersson

    Cicilia Andersson Cast

  26. Photo of Maja Bieler

    Maja Bieler Cast

  27. Photo of Marcus Lifmark

    Marcus Lifmark Cast

  28. Photo of Sven Malmberg

    Sven Malmberg Cast

  29. Photo of Tage Severin

    Tage Severin Cast

  30. Photo of Sonny Johnson

    Sonny Johnson Cast

  31. Photo of Bertil Anderberg

    Bertil Anderberg Cast

  32. Photo of Thomas Lindahl

    Thomas Lindahl Music