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  1. Photo of Erik Lundegård

    Erik Lundegård Screenplay

  2. Photo of Rune Waldekranz

    Rune Waldekranz Screenplay and Producer

  3. Photo of Einar Wallquist

    Einar Wallquist Story

  4. Photo of Olof Widgren

    Olof Widgren Cast

  5. Photo of Birgit Tengroth

    Birgit Tengroth Cast

  6. Photo of Björn Berglund

    Björn Berglund Cast

  7. Photo of Emil Fjellström

    Emil Fjellström Cast

  8. Photo of Birger Åsander

    Birger Åsander Cast

  9. Photo of Aurore Palmgren

    Aurore Palmgren Cast

  10. Photo of Bertil Ehrenmark

    Bertil Ehrenmark Cast

  11. Photo of Elsa Desolneux

    Elsa Desolneux Cast

  12. Photo of Olle Nordemar

    Olle Nordemar Cinematography

  13. Photo of Lars-Erik Larsson

    Lars-Erik Larsson Music

  14. Photo of Bibi Lindström

    Bibi Lindström Production Design

  15. Photo of Rolf Husberg

    Rolf Husberg Editing and Director