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  1. Photo of Satyajit Ray

    Satyajit Ray Director, Screenplay Music

  2. Photo of Chhabi Biswas

    Chhabi Biswas Cast

  3. Photo of Karuna Bannerjee

    Karuna Bannerjee Cast

  4. Photo of Anil Chattopadhyay

    Anil Chattopadhyay Cast

  5. Photo of Anubha Gupta

    Anubha Gupta Cast

  6. Photo of Subrata Sensharma

    Subrata Sensharma Cast

  7. Photo of Erick Avari

    Erick Avari Cast

  8. Photo of Arun Mukherjee

    Arun Mukherjee Cast

  9. Photo of Nilima Roy Chowdhuri

    Nilima Roy Chowdhuri Cast

  10. Photo of Alakananda Ray

    Alakananda Ray Cast

  11. Photo of Pahari Sanyal

    Pahari Sanyal Cast

  12. Photo of Indrani Singh

    Indrani Singh Cast

  13. Photo of Vidya Sinha

    Vidya Sinha Cast

  14. Photo of N. Viswanathan

    N. Viswanathan Cast

  15. Photo of Subrata Mitra

    Subrata Mitra Cinematography

  16. Photo of Bansi Chandragupta

    Bansi Chandragupta Production Design

  17. Photo of Dulal Dutta

    Dulal Dutta Editing

  18. Photo of Durgadas Mitra

    Durgadas Mitra Sound