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  1. Photo of Lewis D. Collins

    Lewis D. Collins Director

  2. Photo of Vincent M. Fennelly

    Vincent M. Fennelly Producer

  3. Photo of Daniel B. Ullman

    Daniel B. Ullman Screenplay

  4. Photo of Ernest Miller

    Ernest Miller Cinematography

  5. Photo of Bill Elliott

    Bill Elliott Cast

  6. Photo of House Peters Jr.

    House Peters Jr. Cast

  7. Photo of Peggy Stewart

    Peggy Stewart Cast

  8. Photo of Lane Bradford

    Lane Bradford Cast

  9. Photo of I. Standford Jolley

    I. Standford Jolley Cast

  10. Photo of Fuzzy Knight

    Fuzzy Knight Cast

  11. Photo of Stanley Andrews

    Stanley Andrews Cast

  12. Photo of Marshall Reed

    Marshall Reed Cast

  13. Photo of Terry Frost

    Terry Frost Cast

  14. Photo of John Hart

    John Hart Cast

  15. Photo of William Fawcett

    William Fawcett Cast

  16. Photo of Lee Roberts

    Lee Roberts Cast

  17. Photo of Pierce Lyden

    Pierce Lyden Cast

  18. Photo of Ted Adams

    Ted Adams Cast

  19. Photo of Richard V. Heermance

    Richard V. Heermance Editing

  20. Photo of Dave Milton

    Dave Milton Production Design

  21. Photo of Raoul Kraushaar

    Raoul Kraushaar Music