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  1. Photo of Teiichi Takiguchi

    Teiichi Takiguchi Director and Animation

  2. Photo of Masaki Hiramatsu

    Masaki Hiramatsu Screenplay

  3. Photo of Kinoko Nasu

    Kinoko Nasu Screenplay

  4. Photo of Kenichi Suzumura

    Kenichi Suzumura Cast

  5. Photo of Maaya Sakamoto

    Maaya Sakamoto Cast

  6. Photo of Takako Honda

    Takako Honda Cast

  7. Photo of Rie Tanaka

    Rie Tanaka Cast

  8. Photo of Mamiko Noto

    Mamiko Noto Cast

  9. Photo of Soichiro Hoshi

    Soichiro Hoshi Cast

  10. Photo of Jôji Nakata

    Jôji Nakata Cast

  11. Photo of Ayumi Fujimura

    Ayumi Fujimura Cast

  12. Photo of Seiko Yoshida

    Seiko Yoshida Cast

  13. Photo of Kana Akutsu

    Kana Akutsu Cast

  14. Photo of Seiji Matsuda

    Seiji Matsuda Cinematography

  15. Photo of Yuichi Terao

    Yuichi Terao Cinematography

  16. Photo of Yuki Kajiura

    Yuki Kajiura Music

  17. Photo of Kazuo Ebisawa

    Kazuo Ebisawa Production Design

  18. Photo of Atsuhiro Iwakami

    Atsuhiro Iwakami Producer

  19. Photo of Hikaru Kondo

    Hikaru Kondo Producer

  20. Photo of Masayuki Haryu

    Masayuki Haryu Producer

  21. Photo of Tomotaka Takeuchi

    Tomotaka Takeuchi Producer

  22. Photo of Yoshikazu Iwanami

    Yoshikazu Iwanami Sound

  23. Photo of Tomonori Sudou

    Tomonori Sudou Animation

  24. Photo of Atsushi Ogasawara

    Atsushi Ogasawara Animation