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  1. Photo of Arend Agthe

    Arend Agthe Director and Screenplay

  2. Photo of Uzmaan Saparov

    Uzmaan Saparov Screenplay

  3. Photo of Max Kullmann

    Max Kullmann Cast

  4. Photo of Murat Orasov

    Murat Orasov Cast

  5. Photo of Pjotr Olev

    Pjotr Olev Cast

  6. Photo of Neithardt Riedel

    Neithardt Riedel Cast

  7. Photo of Aleksandr Potapov

    Aleksandr Potapov Cast

  8. Photo of Martin Semmelrogge

    Martin Semmelrogge Cast

  9. Photo of Victor Marosov

    Victor Marosov Cast

  10. Photo of Murat Annageldyyev

    Murat Annageldyyev Cast

  11. Photo of Khodzha Durdy Narliyev

    Khodzha Durdy Narliyev Cast

  12. Photo of Mulkoman Orazov

    Mulkoman Orazov Cast

  13. Photo of Anabirdijev Birdinasar

    Anabirdijev Birdinasar Cast

  14. Photo of Kurban Dshumajev

    Kurban Dshumajev Cast

  15. Photo of Altyn Khodzhayeva

    Altyn Khodzhayeva Cast

  16. Photo of Dshenet Orasova

    Dshenet Orasova Cast

  17. Photo of Ata Dovletov

    Ata Dovletov Cast

  18. Photo of Dshenet Allakulijeva

    Dshenet Allakulijeva Cast

  19. Photo of Berdy Ashirov

    Berdy Ashirov Cast

  20. Photo of Michael Wiesweg

    Michael Wiesweg Cinematography

  21. Photo of Martin Cyrus

    Martin Cyrus Music

  22. Photo of Matthias Raue

    Matthias Raue Music

  23. Photo of Ulrich Bergfelder

    Ulrich Bergfelder Production Design

  24. Photo of Aleksandr Chernov

    Aleksandr Chernov Production Design

  25. Photo of Ottokar Runze

    Ottokar Runze Producer

  26. Photo of Fred Steinbach

    Fred Steinbach Executive Producer

  27. Photo of Dietrich Voigtlaender

    Dietrich Voigtlaender Executive Producer

  28. Photo of Ursula Höf

    Ursula Höf Editing

  29. Photo of Werner Langheld

    Werner Langheld Sound

  30. Photo of Horst Zinsmeister

    Horst Zinsmeister Sound