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  1. ejonline's rating of the film Karamay

    Totally wrenching. The structure brought to mind Voices from Chernobyl by Alexievich, with long cuts from interviews making the argument instead of narration. Of course this was mediated by the director, but compared to other documentaries, this seemed to actually function as a collaborative effort to document what happened so that it won't be forgotten. It was hard to watch these silenced cries for justice.

  2. the_mentaculus's rating of the film Karamay

    I can count on one hand - Sondra Radvanovsky’s performance of “Senza mamma” from Suor Angelica, and seeing Rembrandt’s Late Portraiture in person, for example - those moments where you encounter Rare Art and only recognize your tears after they fall. You look down and touch your cheek and realize you’ve been crying, because the sheer force of the work overwhelms you. This is one of those works.

  3. Ralph Melcher's rating of the film Karamay

    An epic act of journalism. Not what I would call art. After watching so many views of the darker results of ‘The Great leap Forward’ I couldn’t bring myself to sit through three and a half hours of more social injustice. I get the picture. Bureaucratic incompetence is universal and in this case (as in others) leads eventually to tragedy.

  4. David Perez's rating of the film Karamay

    Takes too long to start. It might be great, but after nearly 5 bloody minutes with the first opening shot I was disappointed they didn't torch this director and then hit his ashes with a hammer. Jesus. Get to the damn point dude.

  5. Royce Jr.'s rating of the film Karamay

    their faces show pain, anger, crying out for revenge but possessed by fear and the feeling of powerless

  6. εξώτερο Διάστημα's rating of the film Karamay

    "Karamay" is the happy (word inappropriate considering the context) outcome of a cooperating solution to the prisoner's dilemma. After years of intimidation and persecution, had any of the victims disclosed guerilla filmmaker's intention to publicize the case or suspected him of leaking out the material to Party officials, this film wouldn't have happened. Self-censorship shows up quite often. Orwellian, nightmarish.

  7. Balthaz21's rating of the film Karamay

  8. Erik F.'s rating of the film Karamay

  9. paxy's rating of the film Karamay

  10. Who told you this room exists?'s rating of the film Karamay

    The last hour and a half deserves a 6th star.

  11. Spiritchaser's rating of the film Karamay

  12. Gondo's rating of the film Karamay

    "There are so many problems we can only talk about. We have no other weapon."

  13. apursansar's rating of the film Karamay

    A devastating documentary about collective failure that lead to a tragedy and injustice done to the bereaveds. Xu Xin displays the circumstances through news footage and long interview sessions, not just giving a very clear picture of the course of events on Dec 8th, 1994, but also showcasing the mentality of everyone involved. The result is an unsettling account on gonvernmental arrogance and indifference.