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  1. Photo of Jutta Reuter

    Jutta Reuter Executive Producer

  2. Photo of Katrin Schlösser

    Katrin Schlösser Producer

  3. Photo of Frank Löprich

    Frank Löprich Producer

  4. Photo of Sandra Wollgast

    Sandra Wollgast Producer

  5. Photo of Elke Hauck

    Elke Hauck Screenplay and Director

  6. Photo of Patrick Orth

    Patrick Orth Cinematography

  7. Photo of Jens Klemig

    Jens Klemig Cast

  8. Photo of Marion Kuhnt

    Marion Kuhnt Cast

  9. Photo of Anja Dietrich

    Anja Dietrich Cast

  10. Photo of Nele Boberach

    Nele Boberach Cast

  11. Photo of Jana Steinig

    Jana Steinig Cast

  12. Photo of Maria Klotzsch

    Maria Klotzsch Cast

  13. Photo of Lutz Beck

    Lutz Beck Cast

  14. Photo of Barbara Gebler

    Barbara Gebler Editing

  15. Photo of Stefan Stabenow

    Stefan Stabenow Editing

  16. Photo of Beatrice Schultz

    Beatrice Schultz Production Design

  17. Photo of Freygang

    Freygang Music

  18. Photo of Frank Bubenzer

    Frank Bubenzer Sound

  19. Photo of Mario Brecht

    Mario Brecht Sound

  20. Photo of Juliane Friedrich

    Juliane Friedrich Costume Design