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  1. Photo of Stavros Tornes

    Stavros Tornes Director, Producer Screenplay

  2. Photo of Stelios Anastasiadis

    Stelios Anastasiadis Cast and Production Design

  3. Photo of Ismini Kariotaki

    Ismini Kariotaki Cast

  4. Photo of Marios Karamanis

    Marios Karamanis Cast

  5. Photo of Giannis Iliadis

    Giannis Iliadis Cast

  6. Photo of Vassilis Loules

    Vassilis Loules Cast

  7. Photo of Eleni Maniati

    Eleni Maniati Cast

  8. Photo of Leon Maniatis

    Leon Maniatis Cast

  9. Photo of Hristos Markopoulos

    Hristos Markopoulos Cast

  10. Photo of Dimos Theos

    Dimos Theos Cast

  11. Photo of Sakis Maniatis

    Sakis Maniatis Cinematography

  12. Photo of Stamatis Yannoulis

    Stamatis Yannoulis Cinematography

  13. Photo of Charlotte Van Gelder

    Charlotte Van Gelder Music and Screenplay

  14. Photo of Danae-Despo Maroulakou

    Danae-Despo Maroulakou Editing

  15. Photo of Anastasia Arseni

    Anastasia Arseni Costume Design