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  1. Grzegorz Wełna's rating of the film Katalin Varga

    Great sound work from György Kovács who was the sound designer of Werckmeister Harmonies and The Man from London.

  2. Levi Miah's rating of the film Katalin Varga

    Intense, atmospheric and ultimately - bleak. As close as we'll ever get to Tarkovsky making a rape-revenge thriller.

  3. Bonnet Michel's rating of the film Katalin Varga

  4. Tiago Inácio's rating of the film Katalin Varga

    what a gorgeous atmospheric gem. Peter Strickland is one of the most interesting filmmakers out there

  5. Daniel S.'s rating of the film Katalin Varga

    Werner Herzog and Friedrich-Wilhelm Murnau are openly called upon in Peter Strickland's first film. The Romanian mountains and landscapes reminded me of Aguirre's Peruvian journey and each time Katalin Varga is looking at the edge of a forest, I was expecting Nosferatu to appear. I also liked a lot the timelessness of this tale where Middle Age behaviours border with mobile phones. Highly recommended.

  6. Palmat's rating of the film Katalin Varga

    An assured debut by Strickland who musters up a tale of revenge that will engage and surprise the viewer. The acting is very strong throughout and the sound design and score very impressive. The script and direction is good but drags a bit in parts. Still a good movie with both ambition and atmosphere.

  7. Graham Ball's rating of the film Katalin Varga

    Loved it... Loved it... I knew a lot about the the film's origins so seeing the end product makes the whole thing even more impressive. I am a big Peter Strickland fan and think he is someone to truly watch. The film was handled so well from start to finish with visuals and sound so complimentary. The Carpathian setting(s) were so lush yet underlying with true menace - wish I had room to write so much more...

  8. Steve G.'s rating of the film Katalin Varga

    Peter Strickland's film is perhaps, on paper, little more than an arthouse rape revenge story. But it is sublimely and subtly executed as well as being splendidly shot. The scene on the boat will stay with me for quite some time.

  9. nouvelle vague 1960's rating of the film Katalin Varga

    Peter Strickland's first teature, is one of those films that lingers in the mind and you find yourself mulling over the storyline and remembering an image or a sound.The film is like a Brothers Grimm tale,where there's danger lurking in the woods and revenge will have its price.Hilda Peter is excellent in the title role.As is Norbert Tanko as her son Orban,who accompanies her across Transylvania,to meet her destiny.

  10. ADZERTY's rating of the film Katalin Varga

    La réalisation est poétique, mais d'une grande violence, au fond, car quand la justice ne peut être rendue, la vengeance appelle la vengeance et à ce jeu de la brutalité (qui contraste vivement avec la plénitude et la beauté des paysages), c'est l'homme qui a encore le dessus sur la femme.

  11. cyrikelly's rating of the film Katalin Varga

    Film ou se mêlent, la vengeance, croyance et, une certaine humanité entre les les principaux personnages de ce film. Film cruel et poignant. Très bien interprété.

  12. azoulay's rating of the film Katalin Varga

    malgré de beaux acteurs, et le soin porté à la réalisation, le film ne parvient pas à nous faire vibrer, ni dans les méandres d'une fiction, ni dans la dénonciation d'une injustice. Et peu à peu, l'issue nous lasse, et la destinée trop fabriquée de l’héroïne nous laisse indifférent. Le sujet semble ne pas avoir été maitrisé par LE metteur-en-scène et on se demande pourquoi? Ça ne devait pas être son histoire...

  13. Nancarrow's rating of the film Katalin Varga

    Expressed innocence against the hushed truths of age. Affecting by way of landscape and sound. A noticed debut.

  14. redux's rating of the film Katalin Varga

    Western guy goes to Transylvania to copy Romanian classic 'Baltagul' ('The Axe'), and to prove himself clueless about the place. Cardboard dialogues and acting, bombastic music. The 'etno dance' scenes are an insult to the locals.

  15. Maria Pulford's rating of the film Katalin Varga

    Life in the countryside with the old ways of justice.

  16. Vlad's rating of the film Katalin Varga

    Atmosphere, revenge, guilt.

  17. Pierre's rating of the film Katalin Varga

    So good! Hilda Peter treads the line between control and unhinged very well.

  18. Nutter Jr's rating of the film Katalin Varga

    A revenge story from Romania with powerful performances (especially from the lead Hilda Peter) and vivid direction of Peter Strickland who additionally utilises the score and the surrounding setting as contributing characters to the film. The story unravels in a slow pace whilst the drama builds up to the final retribution.

  19. Anu Johanna's rating of the film Katalin Varga

    Revenge. Katalin Varga fascinated me, I was very intrigued by the main character. A very very good film!

  20. nematomaranka's rating of the film Katalin Varga

    now that's one hell of the natural mysticism. and oh.. archetypical. I feel as I were reminded of my own innate burden. Cinema is still moving, changing into something different. Plate Tectonics.

  21. Matthew_Lucas's rating of the film Katalin Varga

    It's kind of like a Romanian ANTICHRIST. Seriously gripping stuff.