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  1. Aivaras_Z's rating of the film Keanu

    "Mah name's Shark Tank!". By no means perfect or a masterpiece, but has its moments and does its job pretty well thanks to Key and Peele's chemistry.

  2. fearraigh's rating of the film Keanu

    Not Key and Peele's finest moment. The plotting is heavy and not near as funny as it imagines itself to be.

  3. Mugino's rating of the film Keanu

    A cruel test of how bad a movie I would tolerate just for a cute kitten.

  4. Artemis's rating of the film Keanu

  5. Rininta Irientantya's rating of the film Keanu

    3 to 3.5 pretty funny stuff that kept me laughin'

  6. PeterK94's rating of the film Keanu

    90% filler. Key and Peele should stick to one-off skits instead of stringing together several rejected ideas to attempt a feature-length film.

  7. nyyssonen's rating of the film Keanu

  8. Dries's rating of the film Keanu

    Are you in the right place niggas ????????

  9. Mario Tomchev's rating of the film Keanu

  10.'s rating of the film Keanu

    hmm i think i prefer Key & Peele.

  11. Adam Whybray's rating of the film Keanu

    Doesn't hit the glorious heights of Key and Peele's sketch show, lacking any stand-out set pieces, but it was nifty; clever; found compassion in odd places. It was also surprisingly tense for a film that is ostensibly a comedy. And watching it in the wake of George Michael's premature death, unintentionally bitter-sweet. It was good, but mostly made me even more impatient for Peele's soon-to-be-released 'Get Out'.

  12. HKFanatic's rating of the film Keanu

    Co-writer Jordan Peele seems to have crafted this film as a showcase for friend Keegan-Michael Key, who quite handily steals the show as a buttoned-up, middle class dad suddenly thrown into the world of organized crime. Even if it never reaches the level of the best Key & Peele sketches, "Keanu" proves plenty funny and unpredictable - and, weirdly enough, a fitting tribute to George Michael now that he's passed away.

  13. Justin Crowe's rating of the film Keanu

    one of the best comedy duos of all time, this felt like a really long key and peele sketch but it still worked.

  14. Nutter Jr's rating of the film Keanu

    I really was not expecting much other than just another film to watch on a long haul transatlantic flight to alleviate my boredom. However, this was surprisingly very funny that I could not stop myself laughing out loud in moments and in the process drawing attention from my fellow passengers some of whom asked me what I was watching and when I told them and they watch it too, they also ended up laughing out loud.

  15. aliasgenius's rating of the film Keanu

  16. Aardsy's rating of the film Keanu

  17. Renton47's rating of the film Keanu

    'Keanu' never feels intuitively funny, and it's uncommon now to see an insulated comedy that doesn't rely heavily on cameo's - though the one that does pop up made me happier than Murray's in 'Zombieland'. However it is whip-smart when it's constructing and deconstructing Black identities as social constructs, from 'gangsta' to George Michaels. Plenty of chuckles but never really tries on the action front.

  18. Rebecca DeLucia's rating of the film Keanu

    K&P's sketches about passing and identity heterogeneity are among my favorites for their insight and hilarity; Keanu is their reprise.

  19. Wee Hunk's rating of the film Keanu

    I'm the opposite of most people. I like cats and don't like kittens. Of course they gave Keanu a mysterious disease which means he will always be a kitten. Setting up for a sequel. More cuteness to follow. How twee. Blech.

  20. †. Kennedy Pope's rating of the film Keanu

    Is it a 90-minute Key and Peele sketch? Yes. Did I crack up every time I saw that kitten and/or heard George Michael in the soundtrack? Also yes. The trailer was misleading in that it made me expect a little more screen time from the cat; but overall it was a decent comedy.

  21. abyantama's rating of the film Keanu

  22. chanandre's rating of the film Keanu

    "Fuck!Yo Hi-C, don't let the white girl tear us apart.Don't fucking let Anna Faris tear us apart!"(Oscars 2017-Best Performance by an Actor in a Leading Role: Kitten 'Keanu'; Matt McConaughey; Mahershala Ali; Chris Bale; Keegan-Michael Key; Anton Yelchin; Jordan Peele; Ryan Reynolds)"That chorus kick in nice, tho">showin'the gang how George Michael was an OG&"had no father".The 'they're communicating'slowmo shootout

  23. Roxas Montezuma's rating of the film Keanu

  24. spiderliliez's rating of the film Keanu

    Surprisingly entertaining. Not just because of the cat. I seriously thought I would only give it a chance because of the kitty, but I was more than a happy camper. It was cute, funny and actually quite thrilling (some funny good suspense thrown here and there). Keanu Reeves actually voiced the cat on one scene, and it was all good. Key and Peele did not disappoint. Keanu, the cat made it all more fun.

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