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  1. Photo of Björn Richie Lob

    Björn Richie Lob Director, Cinematography Producer

  2. Photo of Dieter Deventer

    Dieter Deventer Self

  3. Photo of Walter Strasser

    Walter Strasser Self

  4. Photo of Eli Mack

    Eli Mack Self

  5. Photo of Florian Kummer

    Florian Kummer Self

  6. Photo of Gerhard Schlegel

    Gerhard Schlegel Self

  7. Photo of Quirin Rohleder

    Quirin Rohleder Self

  8. Photo of Lars Liebold

    Lars Liebold Cinematography

  9. Photo of Tobias N. Siebert

    Tobias N. Siebert Producer

  10. Photo of Benjamin Quabeck

    Benjamin Quabeck Editing

  11. Photo of Sebastian Tesch

    Sebastian Tesch Sound

  12. Photo of Ansgar Frerich

    Ansgar Frerich Sound

  13. Photo of Florian Beck

    Florian Beck Sound