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  1. Photo of Ermanno Olmi

    Ermanno Olmi Director, Production Design, Editing, Cinematography & 1 more
    Ermanno Olmi Director, Production Design, Editing, Cinematography, Screenplay

  2. Photo of Alberto Fumagalli

    Alberto Fumagalli Cast

  3. Photo of Egidio Martellacci

    Egidio Martellacci Cast

  4. Photo of Antonio Cucciarrè

    Antonio Cucciarrè Cast

  5. Photo of Renzo Samminiatesi

    Renzo Samminiatesi Cast

  6. Photo of Marco Bartolini

    Marco Bartolini Cast

  7. Photo of Fernando Guarguaglini

    Fernando Guarguaglini Cast

  8. Photo of Anna Vanni

    Anna Vanni Cast

  9. Photo of Giulio Paradisi

    Giulio Paradisi Cast

  10. Photo of Simone Migliorini

    Simone Migliorini Cast

  11. Photo of Caterina Zizi

    Caterina Zizi Cast

  12. Photo of Claudio Camerini

    Claudio Camerini Cast

  13. Photo of Gianni Maddaleni

    Gianni Maddaleni Cinematography

  14. Photo of Bruno Nicolai

    Bruno Nicolai Music

  15. Photo of Giancarlo Santi

    Giancarlo Santi Producer

  16. Photo of Amedeo Casati

    Amedeo Casati Sound

  17. Photo of Danilo Moroni

    Danilo Moroni Sound

  18. Photo of Alda Gasparoni

    Alda Gasparoni Costume Design