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Ratings & Reviews

  1. Лиич's rating of the film Kemonozume

    Still didn't finish all episodes but the animation is sick!!!!

  2. Alex Fernandej's rating of the film Kemonozume

    estupidificante e bonitinho <3

  3. Sebas Castro's rating of the film Kemonozume

  4. Algitya's rating of the film Kemonozume

    They even included a lot of references of Cronenberg's here .. Cool!

  5. remote-viewer's rating of the film Kemonozume

    It's always odd to me how others see this show's slow explosion of wildness and strangeness as a fault. This is a story about a couple of forbidden lovers going off the rails, breaking free of their fate and running wild. The nervous, sketchy animation reflects their trepidation. As it becomes more psychedelic, like a feedback freakout outro jam, they become free. Kemonozume shatters '00s anime conventions.

  6. Tyler Aikens's rating of the film Kemonozume

    This is another weird one to be on MUBI as it is a series and not a movie but nonetheless. Awesome art direction but the story gets really stale after episode 5. Granted, it's a really weird anime in general, but it gets progressively goofy as it goes on and it kinda shits the bed.

  7. roujin's rating of the film Kemonozume

    It features a host of cinematically thrilling moments (the first few episodes in particular) and then the narrative derails in a spectacular fashion (which is neither good or bad, it's simply what it does). Not as cohesive as Yuasa's other works, but still a worthy work.