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  1. Amadeus Magnus's rating of the film Keoma

    worst spaghetti music though.

  2. Scorpio Velvet's rating of the film Keoma

    Franco Nero is at his game once again. This is one of the few melancholic spaghetti westerns I've seen in a while, I really love the big battle between Keoma along his father & George against his brothers & the henchmen. It's so epic from start to finish! However, there were some scenes that were all right during the first hour but got better later on. It's become one of my new favorites in the genre. "KEOMA!"

  3. Sudipto Basu's rating of the film Keoma

    I never cease to be amazed at how spaghetti westerns can be so politically radical. Going so far as to posit the wandering, existential loner as a Christ-figure.

  4. jimmymarkum's rating of the film Keoma

    A very uncool soundtrack whines about Keoma's motivations to return to his hometown, ravaged by a plague (a Bergmanesque plot element). Castellari doesn't seem much concerned with the story itself but wouldn't give up on inserting its traumatic 'antefatti' (flashbacks). In contrast to the 'lyrics' heard, lots of cool ideas do show up here and there. Some hammy acting too! But the cinematography is always terrific

  5. Zach Closs's rating of the film Keoma

    Almost seems to be a spiritual godfather to "The Proposition," if it'd been directed by Peckinpah. Beautifully constructed flashback sequences resonate and bursts of balletic action interrupt the desolate, dying landscape. Melancholy doesn't so much describe as define both the character of Keoma, and his violence. A singular experience and certainly the high point of Franco Nero's career.

  6. ElTigreNegro's rating of the film Keoma

    Fantastic italo western, made with true love by everyone involved. Sad and melancolic, and yes, the score works perfectly.

  7. Abdullah Kılınç's rating of the film Keoma

  8. GJP's rating of the film Keoma

    Amazing soundtrack. Velvet Undergound Italian style...

  9. Francesca Perry Carboni's rating of the film Keoma

    An extraordinary film, perhaps one of the best westerns ever made. That much debated soundtrack? Love it or loathe it ( and I just can't decide) it deserves some praise for its bizarre originality.

  10. Neither/Nor's rating of the film Keoma

    An apocalypse replete with plague and a terrifying rebirth, Keoma survives the EuroWestern twilight by denying everything but the right to die in freedom. The finale stands long after everything else has burned away.

  11. Silenzio's rating of the film Keoma

    Castellari deserves so much praise and respect for attempting such a strange spin on the spaghetti western genre when it seemed moribund. While he stole elements from countless other westerns and non-westerns from Bergman to McCabe and Mrs Miller they all combine to form one of the most unique films in the genre. Franco Nero in interviews always seems to regard this as one of the best films he did and rightly so