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  1. Photo of Virginie Berthier

    Virginie Berthier Director and Screenplay

  2. Photo of Benjamin Philippoux

    Benjamin Philippoux Cast, Screenplay Director

  3. Photo of Maya Sescemard

    Maya Sescemard Cast

  4. Photo of Théo Sescemard

    Théo Sescemard Cast

  5. Photo of Teibi Jahlil

    Teibi Jahlil Cast

  6. Photo of Reda Mounder

    Reda Mounder Cast

  7. Photo of Luc Guiol

    Luc Guiol Cast

  8. Photo of Marta Fioravanti

    Marta Fioravanti Cast

  9. Photo of Damien Dufresne

    Damien Dufresne Cinematography

  10. Photo of Basile Farkas

    Basile Farkas Music

  11. Photo of Luc Meilland

    Luc Meilland Music

  12. Photo of Saycet

    Saycet Music

  13. Photo of Daniella Bagbonon

    Daniella Bagbonon Production Design

  14. Photo of Mathieu Bompoint

    Mathieu Bompoint Producer

  15. Photo of Claire Trinquet

    Claire Trinquet Producer

  16. Photo of Julie Dupré

    Julie Dupré Editing

  17. Photo of Philippe Deschamps

    Philippe Deschamps Sound