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  1. Max Seqgar's rating of the film Khadak

    How much more expensive can an original score make a movie production? Like with Altiplano, the beautiful cinematography seemed many times forced into the film's musical selections. Still a very nice one!

  2.'s rating of the film Khadak

    Powerful, bleak and evocative allegory, yet both tense and tedious at times. A tad too didactic at times? How much is it simply an 'outsider's' critique and how much a genuine expression of the nomads' experience and response to Soviet intervention?

  3. Ihsan Hassan's rating of the film Khadak

    A visual gem, its atmosphere is dense with emotion and symbolism. A beautiful elegy to the meaning of progress, socialism and the loss of traditional indigenous wisdom.

  4. Chilton's rating of the film Khadak

    Huh, I definitely need to see this again.

  5. Mynydd's rating of the film Khadak

    I have just watched this strange and powerful film, and really liked it. There may be blunt allegory here, but necessary as it seems to tell an ancient tale, of the power of youth and freedom. Even a superhero myth here in the form of a shamanic traveller between life and death, freeing the flocks. I'll need to let it soak in to me psyche for a while.

  6. Nathan Goldman's rating of the film Khadak

    Having stepped back to think for a while I think I'll say this is a very well-made (beautiful, dreamlike) film with some irresponsible aspects. Although Brosens had been making films in Mongolia for over a decade before this, it still seems a little inappropriate for him and Woodworth to use Mongolian culture as a tool for their critique of modernity. But I don't think I'm the one who gets to decide if they fucked up

  7. Geert's rating of the film Khadak

  8. Cbarky99's rating of the film Khadak

    'Now' has no meaning here." "Then 'here' has no meaning, either."

  9. rociof's rating of the film Khadak

    La catástrofe de la modernidad bellamente retratada.

  10. M****'s rating of the film Khadak

  11. petrsc's rating of the film Khadak

    Nádhernej film o svobodném člověku, putujícím po nekonečných bílých pláních Ducha.

  12. lemonsticks's rating of the film Khadak

    a herd of sheep rubbing against eachother. the colour blue. a horse and a shepherd covered in coal. Michel Schöpping is a great sound designer.

  13. Enghebatu's rating of the film Khadak