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  1. Anton Williams's rating of the film Kick-Ass

    This should have been filmed by Quentin Tarantino.

  2. Federico Di Folco's rating of the film Kick-Ass

    Divertente quanto violento,irriverente quanto grottesco e politicamente scorretto;trae spunto dai migliori cine-comics per poi prenderli in giro per la maggior parte del film,riuscendo ad essere coinvolgente ed avvincente,con una solida colonna sonora vagamente tarantiniana che accompagna i momenti-clou. Hit-Girl è la protagonista assoluta con le sue meravigliose acrobazie.Veramente gradevole.4*

  3. SlinkyLi's rating of the film Kick-Ass

    Hype train stutters. Nic Cage and Chloe Grace Moretz are the ones who kick ass (hah! good one, slink), especially the latter, who goes on to almost usurp Jack Donaghy as CEO of Kabletown.

  4. Joaopa's rating of the film Kick-Ass

    cadê filme solo da hit girl?

  5. Maegan Targaryen's rating of the film Kick-Ass

    Loved this. great cinematography in Big Daddy's action scene. Great soundtrack. Only Movie I liked Nicholas Cage in...mind you I have yet to see adaptation.

  6. Mert Kaya's rating of the film Kick-Ass

    good but nowhere near edgar wright.

  7. jenifferp's rating of the film Kick-Ass

  8. Obagus00's rating of the film Kick-Ass

  9. Noorjahan's rating of the film Kick-Ass

    fun and engaging but nothing more than that.

  10. spinninglovestory's rating of the film Kick-Ass

    I loved this film but I think that was just because hit girl really did kick ass. my kinda little lady!

  11. There Will Be Josh Schasny's rating of the film Kick-Ass

    It's been a while since I've seen this, but after a much-needed action movie craze, this one is legitimately great. Humor, action, and a well-done story parodying the standard superhero tale. Worthy late-night action flick.

  12. Koalacanth's rating of the film Kick-Ass

  13. Brent Schaus's rating of the film Kick-Ass

    Kick-Ass surprised me with some very moving moments. One sees Nicolas Cage in the kind of role now tailored for his dementia. McLovin and John Lennon have some funny hissy fights. Hit Girl, like River in Firefly and Serenity, is where the real food for thought lies.

  14. angiebasuki's rating of the film Kick-Ass

    another unexpectedly great movie, i watched it about 1,5 years ago while i was in my leisure time, gonna watch anything in cinema. yup, and it was new for super heroes movies, they made it in fun-thrilling-teenage way. if you watched Watchmen -the humanity inside superheroes-, Kick-Ass is the opposite -the superheroic inside humans-. (me love them both!) me cant wait for the upcoming sequel (hopefully this year)!!!

  15. Michael Harbour's rating of the film Kick-Ass

    Masterfully realizes, and even betters, the comic book it is based on. Escalating, outrageous violence. Cathartic humor. Characters with enough of a footing in reality that we buy into their world. This equals Watchmen as a faithful adaptation and probably surpasses it in succeeding on it's own (of course it's a much simpler story).

  16. PolarisDiB's rating of the film Kick-Ass

    Damn good movie; both has a surprising end-game and is a lot darker/morally ambiguous than you would think. As the characters start piling up you realize they're all at cross-purposes, and shit gets real real fast. Some scenes have you laughing your ass off while others make you sick to your stomach. Definitely a movie ahead of the concept its parodying. --PolarisDiB

  17. willythesalesman's rating of the film Kick-Ass

    the movie itself I found pretty bad. but once you question the morality of it, there is no hope. no star movie

  18. Echydo's rating of the film Kick-Ass

    So refreshing! I loved it!

  19. Cinema Omnivore's rating of the film Kick-Ass

    love it! superb action sequences and have no resistance towards the Hitgirl! a 9/10, my review:

  20. Heidi Anderson's rating of the film Kick-Ass

    Long stretches of this film don't really work for me, but the parts that do work work really, really well.

  21. Liam Peters's rating of the film Kick-Ass

    Silly and stylistically grating spin on the superhero tale, this comedy benefits from another solid performance by Moretz - she's really great in pretty much everything she's done so far - and a just-the-right-side-of-charming turn from Johnson. The pacing is slightly off in the early and middle stages of the piece and the story arc is never quite strong enough to sustain its nigh two hour running time.

  22. Lorenz 80's rating of the film Kick-Ass

    Ottimo cinecomix, intrattiene con stile, bravo il regista Matthew Vaughn

  23. traag-1's rating of the film Kick-Ass

    Has to be the new benchmark creatively for the superhero/comic book genre. Incredible and cartoonish fight sequences and funny over the top characters...don't be skeptical of this one.

  24. monoglot's rating of the film Kick-Ass

    Tone problems. Who wants to see a comedy about superheroes with guns?